Ajay Data takes the stage at BNI Blue Jade’s 1 year Anniversary!

Friday, the 10th of August was a golden day in the diary of BNI South Jaipur. It was on this day where we began our journey together exactly one year ago and paved the way towards growth through the power of networking. In the past one year, BNI Blue Jade has emerged as one of the most profit making chapters of BNI India and we’ve achieved milestones together as one team. To celebrate this occasion, we invited one of India’s most influential and Rajasthan’s most powerful internet personality as our esteemed chief guest”Dr. Ajay Data” in BNI Blue Jade’s Anniversary meeting.

The efforts of Tanuj Sinha, President, BNI Blue Jade and Mohit Dangayach, Event coordinator, BNI Blue Jade were applauded as they played a major role in inviting Dr. Data and made the anniversary meeting a highly memorable one.

Business Networking International (BNI) is the world’s most premier networking organization with its roots spread in more than 50 countries around the world, including India.

Ajay Data is the founder and CEO of Rajasthan’s most coveted IT organization. He became the first Indian to hold the seat in ccNSO Council of ICANN, which is the World’s foremost Internet governance body. Dr. Data is known for increasing the prospects of the Internet and redefining Start-up culture in the state of Rajasthan and he has achieved numerous laurels for the same.

On the 10th of August, BNI Blue Jade added a new feather in its hat by hosting Dr. Ajay Data as a chief guest in their meeting. All the members of the group consisting of businessmen, professional and industrialists were enthralled by his presence. In his speech, Dr. Data spoke about the dearth of Indian faces on the global radar and how we, as Indians must work towards increasing the same. 

He also spoke about the tremendous changes which have taken place in terms of technology, over the last twenty years. His valuable teachings on the subjects of corporate culture and empathy were appreciated by all. He shared his personal experiences and spoke about the challenges which came his way while he set out to pave the way for his first venture.

His speech not only inspired us all, but it also taught us the value of persistence towards a deciding goal. Dr. Data is a true example of what a person can become if they have the courage to hold onto their dreams, no matter where they come from.

Having Dr. Data on BNI Blue Jade was a truly splendid experience and we look forward to hosting him again!

Gaurangee Gattani
BNI Blue Jade