Airtel Launches ‘Smart Women, Safe Women’ Initiative

0L6z20038PM6212013The Airtel Call Manager service, which is a part of the services offered under this campaign, can block unwanted and harassing calls, without the caller knowing about it.

Considering the rise of women harassment cases in the country in recent years, Airtel has now launched a remarkable and unique campaign in order to make the country a safer place to live in. Female students and working women, who are most exposed to the attacks can now use mobile services for their safety. This campaign has now been launched for Indore City. As part of the campaign, women Airtel executives went to 15 different locations in the city and demonstrated the effective use of the Airtel Call Manager and Airtel Emergency Service platforms. These services will be highly helpful in case users find themselves in the middle of an unwarranted situation or any unpleasant incident.

The Airtel Call Manager service can block unwanted and harassing calls and without the caller knowing about it. The blocked number list can include unlimited umbers. Apart from this, the application will help users generate a situational profile that will enable the privacy of the user. The call manager does notify the user about a call being blocked by means of SMS alert. The service will be charged a nominal amount of INR 30 for a month of subscription.

The Airtel Emergency Alert is another service that lets the user stay in continuous touch with up to 10 relatives and friends and inn case of an emergency call 55100. This will notify the listed friends and relatives about an emergency situation with locational updated being given for the next one hour. For relatives of late night travellers, this seems to be quite a good opportunity for keeping track of the user.