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Airtel Elucidates It isn’t Stalking User’s Political Opinions

The Indian telecom company’s privacy policy has created anger amongst the users after it is found that Airtel can gather users’ sensitive personal data, like sexual orientation, genetic information, and political views, and share all of the information with 3rd parties. Users have been expressing their anger on Twitter about how invasive the action is. But as appalling as it may sound to some people, it’s far from the latest invention.

According to the company, the policy mentions expansive meanings which may not be necessary, and further also that it doesn’t amass data beyond what is allowable by the law. Although, as noted by analysts and researchers, what is presently allowable is very far-reaching, and it is open to misapplication.

The company has said that SPDI may be involved with all this but it is not restricted to genetic and biometric information, racial origin, religious and philosophical principles, and opinions for politics and sexual orientation. There are more varieties of kinds of information it collects, like financial and physiological data. However, these are more or less adequate, even if they are deprived of a general agreement.

The Lawyer and cybersecurity expert has said that users’ information, falls within Section 43A which talks about the Information Technology Act. As per him, if one feels that their rights have been violated then they can register a complaint against the telecom company and ask for damages and compensation of up to INR 5 crores.


Image from Airtel


The telecommunication company and its 3rd parties gather, store, and process users’ information as quid pro quo for its services. The “Agree and Continue” that you frequently happenstance is your accord to it. People will have the option to not agree to it, or withdraw the consent after some time. But Airtel will quickly pull out its services afterward.

There is a policy that says that the company may too bestow users’ personal data to firms both in and outside of the country, elucidating although, that all units managing users’ data agree to follow Airtel’s rules for the management, treatment, and confidentiality of personal data. There’s another document that describes details of what the promise involves.

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