AirTags Soon to be Launched

Apple AirTags are in the news and they were desired to present at apple’s events that were held between September and October, but that clearly did not happen. Now, the latest leak suggests that there is still some hope left for these, and they are expected to be presented soon. Apple is speculated to launch the latest AirPods in November, it might show these AirTags alongside. As per past leaks, it suggested that AirTags are desired to support magnetic charging and be entirely waterproof.

Some tweets were published which stated that the AirTags are going to roll out soon and they might arrive in 2 sizes which are big and small. Though no exact details were offered on when these trackers might finally get to see a launch.

The Apple Tags is going to be introduced in 2020 and the productions are increased up to tens of millions this year.


Image from Apple


It was expected to launch during the 1st half of this year, but the company did not make any official statement.

Now, it is rumored that the multinational corporation is going to host another event specially dedicated to the much anticipated AirPods Studio in this year’s November. also, these AirTags might have a chance to be launched. Due to production issues, there is also a chance that the company has shifted the date of release to march 2021.

Whenever it is going to be presented, Apple’s AirTags are desired to work with the iPhone to enable location-tracking for items that are lost. It is rumored that the AirTags can be similar to Bluetooth trackers from firms such as San Mateo which is a California-based Tile work company. The AirTags will essentially assist its users to find their vital belongings using a mobile application.