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Aeris announces successful completion of one-year partnership with Eblu.

Aries announced a successful one year partnership with Eblu. With the help of Aries Technology,Eblu offered e-rickshaw on lease for a tenure of 1,000 days.It also provided an e- rental model using which customers could rent vehicles remotely.This partnership has been successful in delivering 450 vehicles to 28 dealers in 28 cities and 06 states in India. It  has also provided employment opportunities in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Odisha.  

This partnership focuses on driving society towards cleaner surroundings.An awareness has been created towards that fact that vehicles do pollute the environment. These e-rickshaws run on lithium-ion batteries, which are non-polluting and a great alternative to prevent pollution.The partnership is expected to expand in more states in the coming years. 

 Sameer Mahapatra, Country Manager, and VP Sales in India & SAARC at Aeris Communications expressed his gratitude on the completion of this year-long partnership with Eblu which not only ensures a cleaner environment but is also providing employment opportunities to multiple people. He further stated that this technological advancement is a remarkable growth in the two-three wheeler automobile sector.

Siddharth Agrawal , Managing director at Eblu said that it is a pleasure to be working with Aeris on this journey towards a better and healthier society. They look forward to many such successful years ahead with the purpose to build  IoT technology, solutions and services. 

 Aeris IoT solution provides an app that helps the driver to continuously track the vehicle.The financing for this product has been made easy by a small payment for 1000 days. During this time, the overall servicing of the vehicle is handled by the company and after this period, the vehicle is transferred in the customer’s name. 



Aeris, a company specializing in the Internet of Things is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. They have their offices in San Jose and Chicago in America, Europe, India and Japan. It also has a joint venture with Softbank in Japan for connected vehicles and IoT solutions. They have recently announced a joint venture with Volkswagen for connected car solution. Aeris India was established in 2016 and since then it has been working with the telecom operators and enterprises,helping them implement IoT to increase revenue and  bring operational efficiency that can attract a good customer base.