Advaiya launches Digital Marketing Effectiveness offerings for Start-ups and small businesses

Advaiya Solutions, a technology and marketing services company launches its packaged offerings for ‘Digital Marketing Effectiveness’ for start-ups, advaiyasmall businesses, and new business ventures. Advaiya defines these digital marketing packages to suit different outlays and contexts. With Advaiya’s ‘Digital Marketing Effectiveness’ packages, entrepreneurs can start digital marketing for their products, services or organization with optimal efforts, and can scale as required.

Advaiya uses a framework-based approach to holistically look at clients’ requirements and offer a packaged solution which best suits their business within their budget and other constraints. Clear benefits that clients get include building an effective digital strategy with their digital presence aligned with business plans, effectively reaching and attracting customers and building trusted relationship with them.

Advaiya Solutions goes beyond the volume, velocity, and creativity aspects and performs activities that align with overall customer engagement process and lifecycle. Having expertise in Big data and analytics, Advaiya can enable relevant insights for its clients to – measure the overall effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts, and also identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Marketing works differently for different businesses, with multiple factors coming into play – target group characteristics, brand vision and brand age, size of the business and budgets, nature of offerings, values and beliefs of management, etc. Thus, generally prevalent standard digital marketing engagements may not work effectively. Advaiya has rich experience of working with businesses of different sizes and nature – from leading technology companies, to start-ups, SMBs, and prestigious event organizations. Thus, they have developed packaged offering for Digital Marketing Effectiveness, that meet their client’s specific context and requirements.​

Sharing h​is thoughts, Mr. Manish Godha, CEO & Founder at  says, “Digital marketing to be effective it requires a 360 degree approach that includes identifying target audience, right segmentation, choosing the right channels/technology/platform, developing targeted content, and engaging through right digital touchpoints. Our packaged offerings are designed to cover all these aspects of the client’s digital marketing efforts. We focus on leveraging digital marketing not just to reach and engage customers, but also to ensure that these digital marketing efforts translate into relevant business outcomes for our clients and help them convert and retain their customers.”

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