With several states declaring hotspots in their cities, the difficulties of procuring groceries and medicines are only rising. Simultaneously, local vendors are on the receiving end of facing losses due to disruption in supply chain, irregular sale leading to wastage of perishables and so on.

This is where the Discover module of ADDA comes in. This module connects Apartment Residents to local vendors around them.

ADDA has partnered with the Karnataka State Government’s initiative to bring in 16000+ local grocery and pharmacy businesses online. The Delivery Helpline number can be accessed by Apartment Residents through the ADDA App. Srinvas Yelandur of Elephant Ear Advisors, advising BBMP in this initiative says,”In one go we have taken 16,000 + local groceries and medical stores digital. This not only keeps you safe at home but also ensures business to the local store. We thank ADDA for the quick activation and appreciate their support. We would like to further this association going forward.”

The brand has also partnered with Evrcare, ShopG, GreenVeggies etc. to have groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables to be delivered in Bangalore. Their partner, myHarvest Farms, is delivering fresh harvest directly from Farmers to homes in Chennai. Other brands that have partnered with ADDA to home deliver medicines, conduct pathology tests at home, community sanitisation include MedLife, Portea, ZevA, Bangalore Pest Control, Vijay Home Services, Vishwas Pest Control. The ADDA Discover services can be availed across Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.

On downloading the App, residents can log in and access the Discover feature, visible right on the home screen. They can select the category of service and choose any vendor from the list for their purposes. More details on how this works can be found under the Blogs section of the company website.

Listing on ADDA Discover is easy. It takes just 2 business days for a local Vendor to make their offers available on ADDA Discover. The platform connects the users directly to the vendors, who understand customer needs and serve them. The vendor charges the user directly according to services rendered.

Most of ADDA’s partner vendors come recommended by neighbours, guaranteeing good service. Also availability of service is based on pincode location. If a certain vendor does not service a particular pincode, they will not be visible to the users in that area. This ensures there aren’t service cancellation requests due to partner non availability. Such hyperlocal service availability is the need of the hour to maximise lockdown and social distancing.

Discover was conceptualised to be the local marketplace of a residential community. During Lockdown ADDA is extending its Discover platform beyond Apartment Residents – to Residents of individual homes and layouts as well. So Residents whether or not they stay in an apartment complex or housing society can avail the Discover services on the ADDA App.

With regards to quickly bringing in essential service vendor partners, San Banerjee, CEO & Co-Founder of ADDA says, “We feel fortunate that our Platform is of service to our Users during these times, in ways not imagined before. Delivery of Essentials can keep more residents safe in their homes, more so the senior citizens. We are proud to be powering multiple Essentials Delivery partners.”