January 24, 2021

Action To Action plans to deliver latest CES innovations to the Middle East, Africa & Turkey

Action To Action(ATA),one of the leading organizations in Cizar Abughazaleh Managing Director Action To Action.[2] copytakinginnovations to market, plans to bring the latest technological innovations that were unveiled at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) to the Middle East, Africa & Turkey. Following its successful participation at CES, ATA aims to further support innovative-entrepreneurs inpresenting their technology to a global market space.

The company has already been instrumental inbringing new technology brands to the Middle East region, including LED lighting specialists Thomson Lighting.

“CES is ideal to meet with new entrepreneurs and to identify new technologies and opportunities that can be leveraged in new markets, and to new audiences,” says Cizar Abughazaleh, Managing Director, Action To Action. “The emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa and Turkey present the perfect opportunity for innovative technologies, owing to the presence of a growing number of SMEs who are looking for affordable yet feature rich solutions. We established new business opportunities during CES, which we will announce later this year.”

Action To Action’s primary mission is to identify new technological innovations andentrepreneurs from across the world, and help them penetrate into new markets by building and developing an efficient channel and distribution management system. For the last 30 years, the company has nurtured an effective sales model, which allow it as selling agents to penetrate specific markets within designated segments, whilesimultaneously creating actual sales and leads to achieve financial targets and gain market share.

ATA is an International Affiliate Member of the Consumer Electronics Afflation (CEA). “As a member of the CEA, we can identify future technology trends and this allows us to align our go to market strategy,” explained Abughazaleh