March 3, 2021

ACMA ICT SHOW 2013 gets rescheduled

ACMA ICT SHOW is a B-2-B, B-2-C and B-2-G exhibition, which has been categorized into Enterprises, IT & Hardware and Auxiliary & IT Education section. ACMA Power Dinner was attended by more than 125 IT dealers & vendors and it was observed as a great evening for ACMA. On this Evening, Shri Ravi Saxena, Add. Chief Secretary, DST – Govt. of Gujarat was felicitated for his outstanding contribution towards the growth of ICT industry in Gujarat. He was felicitated by the well known personalities of Gujarat IT Associations- Narendra Bhetaria – President, ACMA); Kaushik Pandya- Past President, FITAG; Jaimin Shah, Immediate Past President – GESIA and Sanjay Parikh, Secretary- CIO club of Gujarat with a Memento. Moreover, the evening was packed with exchange of great ideas and thoughts.


President Bhetaria shared “Looking at ACMA’s history, ACMA is striving hard to bring innovative technology providers to showcase the products during the forthcoming show. There are many property exhibitions, job fairs, consumer fairs happening but only ACMA is an association who has been organizing ICT exhibitions consistently from last 7 years. There is no other platform for ICT companies in Gujarat to enhance their sales and marketing activities.”

Director of Markcom Solutions, Dipesh Sheth exclaimed how ACMA will focus on overall 3-dimensional campaign for the better reach of the ACMA ICT SHOW.  Sheth said, “ACMA believes in giving the most optimum opportunity to the participants and hence the profile of visitors of the show also holds an importance. And hence ACMA is the only ICT show of Gujarat which allows the participants to have a one-on-one meeting with CIOs of leading IT companies of Gujarat, besides dealers, distributors and end consumers.”

Samir Chokshi, General Secretary – ACMA was noted saying, “Ahmadabad has a huge IT traders market yet to be explored and the ACMA ICT SHOW is one such platform that serves the purpose.”

Another remarkable announcement was made on the power dinner evening by FITAG Past President Kaushik Pandya about the 4th FITAG Convention and Leadership awards 2013. It will be held on the second day of ACMA ICT SHOW 2013 and this convention and leadership awards is likely to be attended by around 600 IT dealers associated with FITAG.  This event will also increase the overall footfall and reach of ACMA ICT SHOW.