Abacus Peripherals Announces launches Zion Low Voltage RAM

Zion_Dynamic_RamABACUS PERIPHERALS PVT.LTD. a leading IT hardware distributor & the brand owners of ZION memory modules, today proudly announces launch of ZION Low Voltage RAM.

Specially designed for providing high performance and highly energy-efficient memory solutions, Zion Low Voltage Memory solutions combine maximum stability with low heat dissipation which ultimately leads to lower Power expenditure for home as well as enterprise users.

With years of experience in memory products, ZION brings you complete range of Low Voltage Memory Modules with low 1.35 volt compatible with Desktops, Laptops and Ultra books as we as server cloud clusters. ZION’s new Low Voltage Memory Modules will give you high grade performance with significantly lower Voltage consumption!

Available in 4GB & 8GB density, and supporting both, Intel Sandy-Bridge / Ivy-Bridge and AMD Interlagos / Valencia platforms, the module will likely make a strong impression on the SOHO as well as enterprise consumers.

Product features:

  • ·         High performance and Power Saver.
  • ·         Reducing operation temperature effectively
  • ·         100% tested for stability, durability and compatibility
  • ·         Ideal for virtualization and cloud computing

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