Abacus Peripherals Announce The New iChill Herculez X4 Air Boss

Inno3D is excited to announce the new iChillHerculez X4 Air Boss cooler that sports 15 scythe blades on each of its three enormous fans that work actively with the Herculez Bearing to keep the temperature cool under the hood. The X4 boasts ad additional 50mm silent fan which acts as a two way heat spreader above the 3 fans. The fan casing and blades are removable so that the cleaning process s made much easier allowing for a thorough removal of dust and grime from all parts of the fan.

The herculez is made up of a large copper base heatsink with 2 larg high flux heatpipes protruding from both side. Heatpipes are an efficient way of moving heat from one area to another and are usually used to connect the high density block of the cooler with the large surface area fins. A new addition to the HerculeZ range is the HerculeZbackplate II designed to withstand and protect from potential knocks and bumps to the PCB.

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