July 16, 2020

A10 Networks, a technology leader in application networking, today announced that its Thunder Series application service gateways received special awards in two categories of the Interop Tokyo 2014 Best of Show Awards.


A10’s vThunder CGN, a virtual carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) solution, received a special award in the Carrier/SP Networking Category, and its Thunder 6630, the industry’s first application delivery controller (ADC) equipped with a 100 Gigabit Ethernet, received a special award in the ShowNet Demonstration Category.


Interop Tokyo 2014 Best of Show Awards recognize the excellence of participating companies’ products that are released or are to be released in 2014. Following the judging process by influential members of the IT industry, awards are given to the most outstanding products and services.

Interop Tokyo 2014 Best of Show Awards: A10 Networks Special Award Winners

  • Carrier/SP Networking Category: vThunder CGN
  • ShowNet Product Category: Thunder 6630



About the Award for vThunder CGN

vThunder CGN is the virtualized appliance version of A10’s Thunder CGN product line. Leveraging carrier NFV concepts by running as a fully virtualized carrier service on a general purpose server, vThunder CGN can extend carrier investments in legacy IPv4 infrastructure, while simultaneously providing a migration path to IPv6 infrastructure. It supports a wide range of IPv6 migration technologies including NAT64/DNS64, DS-Lite, 6RD, and LW4o6, in addition to CGNAT functions that extend the life of IPv4 infrastructure for carriers that have limited address space, thus enabling flexible service deployment depending upon carriers’ specific network protocol and addressing needs and limitations.


For the Best of Show Awards, A10 Networks demonstrated vThunder CGN’s capabilities as an IPv4 exhaustion countermeasure and IPv6 migration solution in a virtual environment installed on a general purpose server.


CGN will become increasingly important in the IoT (M2M) era, and we tapped vThunder for the special award for the way it supports network function virtualization (NFV) and runs on the same code as hardware products,” said Masahiro Kato, Editor in Chief of Nikkei Communications Magazine, Nikkei BP Inc., and a judge for the Interop Tokyo 2014’s Awards program. “A10 Networks also deserves praise for increasing user choices by offering both hardware and software products at around the same time.

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