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A new way of brand-telling and establishing a connection with consumers

As society becomes increasingly mechanized and monochromatic, the desire to explore and express ourselves through color becomes stronger. This is particularly evident in the art world, where illustrations are becoming increasingly popular for Indian brands. These brands use illustrations to effectively communicate their message and stand out in a sea of sameness. Whether for branding or creative expression, illustrations are a powerful tool that can add depth and character to any project.


BoAt is an Indian consumer electronics brand that offers a range of products, including earphones, headphones, chargers, and cables. In their marketing efforts, BoAt frequently uses illustrations to engage with their target audience. For example, they collaborated with a leading illustrator to create colorful illustrations for the launch of their Airdopes100 product. This approach helps BoAt stand out and effectively communicate its message to its audience.


 Aretto is a D2C kids’ footwear brand that launched in 2022 and offers high-quality, comfortable footwear for kids that grow with their feet up to 3 sizes. This holiday season, Aretto wanted to engage with their young audience in a creative and fun way, so they created an illustration inspired by the classic “Where’s Waldo?” game. The illustration features larger-than-life elements and six different environments, including snowy mountains, a carnival, and a jungle full of whimsical creatures. It’s like a scavenger hunt, with new details to discover every time you look at it. Aretto created this illustration as part of a Christmas contest, and it’s sure to surprise and delight anyone who sees it. The illustration is designed by Shreya Chandorkar from Out And Out Design.

No Borders

A sustainable marketplace that brings together diversity in fashion, culture & art, created a collage-style Illustration with Ishra Philipose to mark the date of the launch. The artwork takes us through a road to NB that’s filled with coconuts, marigolds, local charpais, market bags, freshly plucked flowers in a basket, and lots of gold. It’s a fun and dynamic illustration that captures the spirit of the marketplace and its focus on sustainability and cultural appreciation.

Greater Than

Greater Than is the “people’s gin” – an equaliser that brings together people from all age groups, genders, cultures, and communities. To celebrate this mission, they enlisted the help of five of India’s best contemporary artists to create an illustration inspired by William Hogarth’s iconic “Gin Lane” piece, 271 years later. Illustrated here is a happy day for those who chose love over hate, equality over discrimination, and stand by their choices when it is the toughest to do so. A day when many are on the streets to celebrate a new beginning, where they are once again free to choose who to love, what to eat, and how to live, all with their favourite drink.

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