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A mysterious tablet from Lenovo has been spotted on FCC highlighting some important specifications

Lenovo, the Chinese electronics giant, is reportedly developing a new tablet, and a recently discovered FCC listing has confirmed the rumors. The device, which has the model number TB-X6E6F, will support a 5G Wi-Fi network, and the FCC website has revealed some of its specifications, including the radio spectrum, dimensions, and front design.

According to the listing, the Lenovo TB-X6E6F tablet will support a radio spectrum ranging from 30Hz to 300Hz, with lower frequencies offering longer range but lower data rates. The tablet’s dimensions and front design have also been revealed, showing a diagonal length greater than 200 mm and the Wi-Fi Ant positioned 71.2mm from the left. The tablet measures 158.8mmX251.2mmX9.2mm.

In terms of connectivity, the tablet will use the 2.4 GHz ISM radio band (2400 to 2483.5 MHz) for Bluetooth technology. This band offers a good balance between range and connectivity and is widely accessible. The FCC listing provides early insight into the features of this upcoming Lenovo tablet, which is sure to generate interest among tech enthusiasts and Lenovo fans alike.

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