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“Indian data protection bill is expected to put the user as the controller of how personal data is shared and stored. ‘Compliance’ and ‘consent’ are going to be the most important topics in the board rooms for any consumer-focused business. Sectors to be most affected by this bill are hospitality, media, e-commerce, and finance at large.

Courtesy the data protection bill, the adoption of scalable and cloud-based digital identity solution, that is centred around the user’s personal data security and privacy, would significantly surge. In addition to this, we can also foresee an increase in the IT expenditure encompassing the hiring of the cybersecurity workforce. It will be interesting for LoginRadius to be a part of the implementation journey in India.

Post the introduction, companies will proactively take certain measures such as electronic firewall and various other protection measures involving virus scanning, installation of security patches, vulnerability testing, backup, recovery planning, employee training, security audits, and other steps designed to constantly improve the personal and sensitive data protection procedures. They would also like to comply with and eventually get certified by the industry security standards (like GDPR) which, if highlighted, would give them an edge and lead to customer acquisition along with higher credibility.”