March 3, 2021

8 Most Controversial Google Products

Bangalore: Google got many accolades in its bag. It is the largest internet company, its Search is the largest search engine in the world, and its Android is world’s most used mobile platform. The company offers Google Search, Gmail, Chrome Browser and Chrome OS, Android, Google Street View, and myriad other products. You might already be using most of the above mentioned products and might be pleased too, but only until you dig across shiny surface. Google has also become a home of many controversial products, read on to know 8 such things which defies Google’s unofficial slogan “Don’t be evil”.


#8 Google’s Product Listing Ads

Google, in May 2012, revamped its shopping service, and started charging merchants to list their products. However, soon after the launch Product Listing Ads, it gathered lots of controversies because it was the first time Google had eliminated a search service that had free listings and made it paid-only.

Although Google argued that the move is a way to improve the quality of listings, merchants squawked this would raise their costs to appear in shopping search results. But the users got thinking whether Google’s search engine could still be seen as fair and impartial if its results were affected by who paid it for shopping listings.

Source-Silicon india