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7 Tech Trends For 2015

Technology is constantly evolving. We have witnessed numerous innovations in the world of technology in this year. However, the evolution process of technology is slow. The incremental changes in technology are occasional. Let’s take a look at 7 tech trends for 2015.

1: Computing Everywhere, To Gartner, this simply means ubiquitous access to computing capabilities. Intelligent screens and connected devices will proliferate, and will take many forms, sizes and interaction styles.

Cearley warned that IT departments are not well suited for the design challenges involved in ubiquitous availability, and said companies may need to acquire the expertise. (He may have been pointing to Capital One, which recently acquired Web design firm Adapative Path.)

2: The Internet of Things (IoT), Clearley’s advice to IT managers is to experiment, get ideas going and empower individuals in IT organizations to develop uses for connected devices and sensors.

Cearley believes IoT has enormous potential to deliver value to businesses, and said even small sensors that can detect problems in equipment before failure occurs, can save a business thousands of dollars.

3: 3D printing, The technology has been around since 1984, but is now maturing and shipments are on the rise. While consumer 3D printing gets a lot of attention, it’s really the enterprise use that can deliver value.

4: Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics, Every application is an analytical app today.

5: Context Rich Systems,Knowing the user, the location, what they have done in the past, their preferences, social connections and other attributes all become inputs into applications.

6: Smart Machines, As an example, Cearley pointed to global mining company Rio Tinto which operates autonomous trucks, to show the role smart machines will play.

7: Cloud and Client Computing, This highlights the central role of the cloud. An application will reside in a cloud, and it will be able to span multiple clients.

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