61% Of Current iPhone Owners Are More Interested In Cheaper Version iPhone 5C Than iPhone 5S

Imageggla688749a-3a0a-4ed6-a974-725702052370There’s no question that people are excited with the announcements of new iPhone. The existing iPhone users are prepared for this upgrade and those who do not own the iPhone yet are hoping that iPhone 5C might help them to make their wish come true.

Hammer, an online polling platform saw a large number of people talking and giving their views about the latest, soon-to-be launched version of iPhone. In an opinion poll in which more than 2,000 hammer users participated, 56% plan to buy an iPhone as soon as they hit the stores. The same poll revealed that 61% of current iPhone owners are more interested in cheaper version iPhone 5C than iPhone 5S. In terms of potential features users are hoping to see in the new iPhones, improved battery life received(44%) , while the recent fingerprint scanner leaks have clearly made an impact, as 34% of current iPhone owners are looking forward to thumbprint unlocking.

Hammer users after seeing the design and features of iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C are even more excited about these phones. An opinion poll done after the big launch revealed that 67% users are already making enquiries about the availability in India.