5G, Metaverse, Cloud Computing and EVs will dominate the tech space in 2023 as a recent report

As per a recent survey report which saw participants from global technology leaders like the US, the UK, China, Brazil and India, Cloud Computing, 5G, Metaverse and EVs are the most important areas in technology in 2023.

According to the, the respondents in the global technology leading countries mentioned above are of the opinion that cloud computing (40%), 5G (38%), Metaverse (37%), electric vehicles (EVs) (35%), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) (33%) will be the five most important areas of technology in 2023.

The respondents included 350 chief technology officers, chief information officers and IT directors from some of the well-known tech and IT companies in the world.

According to the IEEE Study, the industries most affected by technology in 2023 will be telecommunications (40%), automotive and transportation (39%), energy (33%), and banking and financial services (33%).

The metaverse’s advancement in 2023 will be aided by a number of advances, according to the global technologists polled, including 71% in 5G and ubiquitous connectivity, 58% in virtual reality (VR) headsets, and 58% in augmented reality (AR) glasses.

By enabling 5G device connections anywhere, 24/7, and outpacing terrestrial infrastructure, a large majority (95%) of global technologists believe that space satellites for remote mobile connectivity will be a game-changer in 2023. Nearly eight in ten (88%) global technologists concur that 6G will mostly be an evolving work in progress in 2023 but will be standardised in five years.

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