5G and how it will transform Experiential Marketing


We live and breathe in the era of ‘IOT’ (internet of things). Our lives are connected through the devices we use. The next generation of internet connectivity is due and the Gods of technology have blessed us with 5G. The ‘fifth generation’ of the internet is way more complicated than it sounds as there are certain specifications and requirements that need to be met before the rollout happens. The only way that is possible, is when the giants of the industry work together to make it happen.  Technologists are barely able to contain their excitement, as 5G will sends shockwaves in every industry that utilises the internet, healthcare, automobile, media, construction to name a few. This will only help boost the experiential marketing scene as technologies using the internet will be benefitted tremendously. 5G will work as steroids for AR & VR, pumping them with network capabilities to stream live content in unimaginable resolutions. Video streaming sites will be able to support 3D and immersive content helping experiential marketing campaigns increase penetration in rural areas and multiplying reach. Integration of ‘AI’ (artificial intelligence) will be as seamless as buttering a slice of bread. AI will be able to track, adapt and deliver content faster than ever. The IOT will be so deeply integrated into the core of systems in a household. Tracing the likes and dislikes of the member of a family will be possible with the flick of a switch. Immersive and mixed reality will not only be used for marketing but their adoption by major brands will propel the development of original tailored made content which can be dynamic and instantaneous, as 5G will provide zero hang time in execution. Many hardware companies have already teased concepts and glimpses of phones with 5G capabilities. Gadgets that can utilise 5G capabilities are very much under development, ‘Thalmic Labs’, backed by one of the leading ecommerce portals is on the verge of releasing smart glasses called ‘Focals’, that seamlessly integrate augmented reality in their device. Imagine walking down a street and being able to ID every person that passes by you, looking at a building only to let the glasses scan a QR code or logo of the brand automatically to display an ad on the glass. It won’t be the future, it is very much possible today.  

5G will not bring about a revolution, its benefits are miniscule, the only way 5G can have a substantial impact on businesses is when it collaborates across industries and is utilised by people in their everyday lives. Acceptance is a major factor here and costs will obviously determine whether or not people wish to hop on the 5G bandwagon. 

5G’s scope to enrich people’s life is without a doubt ‘unquestionable’. Dawn of the new age of connectivity is imminent, but are we ready for it?

Only time will tell.