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NeoNiche : All About This Marketing Company

neoniche logoNeoNiche  is an integrated experiential marketing company committed to achieve your marketing objectives & deliver measurable results through a fully integrated portfolio of services.

Their continuous quest for innovation to every “Go To Market Plan”, makes brand proposition unique, effective, measurable, and tangible in its approach.We reinforce relationship between…
Company & Customers…
Brand & Buyers…
Product & Prospects…
By creating experiences, delivered real time across multiple platforms.
They provide multi disciplinary brand building strategies through digital initiatives, customer contact programs, activation plans, events and exhibitions.

They strengthen the relationship between brands and the people who matter most to them by engaging customers & communities to drive acquisitions and brand  advocacy.

They align employees  and channel to deliver the brand promise  to customers and help clients build strong footprints.

Here are some talking points for Prateek N Kumar :-

  1. Why brand managers are increasing their marketing spends on BTL
  2. Experiential Marketing and new age Marketing Mix
  3. Social & Digital Marketing
  4. How BTL has changed in the last 5 yrs
  5. Why BTL is a better return on marketing investment
  6. What kind of brands seek to benefit most from BTL
  7. The importance of establishing an emotional connect with customers today
  8. Do BTL campaigns have a big idea like ATL ones
  9. BTL influence in Bollywood promotions, cricket
  10. BTL and its role in rural markets
  11. Employee best practices in Agency
  12. Innovation in Event Management space
  13. Creation of a tangible Brand presence
  14. Work Culture in Agency Space
  15. Startup

neoniche Prateek N KumarAbout Mr. Prateek N Kumar CEO & MD

His first successful ‘campaign’ was back in the 7th standard for the ‘client’, his friend running a fire-cracker stall during Diwali. Their full return on investment was a staggering 800%. It has been almost 25 years to the day. And the young boy’s enthusiasm, passion and entrepreneurial bugs have only been biting harder.

After starting his career in hospitality and hotel management, he shared in the growth stories with a number of startup event agencies. These gave him tremendous on-ground exposure and hands-on learning. With a dream of creating an agency that would be loved by every stakeholder- clients, vendor partners and employees alike – was NeoNiche born. Idea-driven, Innovation-focused and Insightful- these core qualities became the DNA and driving force of the organization.

Breaking the mold and challenging the status quo is a daily ritual. With his head in the skies and feet firmly on the ground, Prateek is as Prateek does. Driven by passion, his versatility and adaptability, people-skills and big-picture view-point make him the leader he is. His greatest strength is the ability to pick the right person for the right job, create self-sustaining and profitable ventures and then stepping aside to let the new leaders take the baton forward. Then, he sets his eyes on the next target and begins the march forward- perhaps that’s why they call him ‘The Milestone Man’.

An avid blogger and voracious reader, he is a passionate activist for animal rights and related social causes.

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