5 Indian SaaS companies set to revolutionise tech-driven business transformation in 2022

5 Indian SaaS companies set to revolutionise tech-driven business transformation in 2022

5 Indian SaaS companies set to revolutionise tech-driven business transformation in 2022

The Indian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market is expected to touch USD 30 billion in revenue by 2025, making up around 8 to 9 percent of the global SaaS market. The pandemic served as a strong driver for the domain, seeing significant investment because of the rapid digitalization seen throughout industries during the period. As a result, SaaS start-ups in India have been transforming operations, enhancing efficiencies, and reducing costs in countless businesses across industries and states.

These are the top 5 Indian SaaS companies that are all set to revolutionize tech-driven business transformation in 2022!


Currently valued at USD 13 billion, Freshworks was the first Indian SaaS startup to be listed on NASDAQ. Founded in 2010 in Chennai by Girish Mathrubootham, the company has helped drive technological solutions for more than 50,000 small, medium, and large businesses all across the world, to enhance customer and employee experiences. With a focus on convenience, Freshworks offers easy-to-use and innovative SaaS software packages to drive business results.


Founded in 2012 by Sudhakar Gorti and Sukhbir Kalsi, LeadSquared offers complete end-to-end marketing automation and CRM software for small and medium businesses to enable quick and easy digitalisation. It provides lead capture, lead management, sales management, and analytics solutions under a single platform, to streamline business processes and drive revenue.The Bengaluru-based start-up has more than 200,000 users worldwide.


Kissflow, founded in 2012 by Suresh Sambandam in Chennai, is a B2B business process management platform for all operations of a company. Today, the start-up serves more than 10,000 clients all over the world, with a valuation of over USD 7.05 million, and a presence in 121 countries. The cloud-based solution is designed for simplicity and minimal distraction, helping streamline all aspects of business processes from tracking case workflows to project and process management, and more.


Chargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management platform that helps organisations automate and streamline the entire subscription process life cycle. The startup was founded in 2011 by KP Saravanan, Krish Subramanian, Rajaraman Santhanam, and Thiyagarajan Thiyagu, in Chennai, today valued at USD 1.4 billion. By offering easy integration with a wide range of payment gateways used across the world, Chargebee automates recurring payment collection along with invoicing, accounting, taxes, email notifications, and customer management.


One of the most popular B2C Multi-Channel Marketing Automation platforms available, WebEngage was founded in Mumbai in 2011 by Avlesh Singh and Ankit Ultra. Today valued at over USD 21.6 million, the start-up helps consumer businesses drive user engagement through a range of mediums including Push notifications, In-app notifications, SMS, On-site notifications, Email, Web-push, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. Following a data-driven approach, WebEngage specializes in customizing brand communication and campaigns to help establish personalized experiences on a large scale.

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