4 Best Practices To Secure Your Businesses From Cyber Threats

Security1There has been an increase in the number of cyber threat incidents all across the globe. There are many steps businesses can take to protect themselves. As a starting point, Symantec recommends the following best practices:

For Businesses:

1. Don’t get caught flat-footed

Use advanced threat intelligence solutions to help you find indicators of compromise and respond faster to incidents.

2. Employ a strong security posture

Implement multi-layered endpoint security, network security, encryption, strong authentication and reputation-based technologies. Partner with a managed security service provider to extend your IT team.

3. Prepare for the worst

Incident management ensures your security framework is optimized, measureable and repeatable, and that lessons learned improve your security posture. Consider adding a retainer with a third-party expert to help manage crises.

4. Provide ongoing education and training

Establish guidelines and company policies and procedures for protecting sensitive data on personal and corporate devices. Regularly assess internal investigation teams—and run practice drills—to ensure you have the skills necessary to combat cyber threats.

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