March 8, 2021

2nd Annual Cloud Computing Summit 2013 And Participating companies

Interested in what the cloud can offer your organization? Yes, it’s a rhetorical question… If you’re not yet leveraging the cloud, you’ll be thinking about doing so – and where better to help you understand the myriad options out there than this year’s Cloud Computing Summit, taking place August 22-23 in New Delhi – India.

Download the PDF brochure for complete information about featured topics and high caliber industry speakers.

Participating companies includes:

• Hero MotoCorp

• PwC

• Tech Mahindra

• UnitedHealth Group

• Forbes Marshall Group of Companies.

• Aditya Birla Financial Services Group

• Godrej Industries Ltd

• LG Electronics

• VFS Global Group

• Welspun Group

By participating in these conference you can:

  • Educate the market on your services
  • Build your brand presence
  • Raise your profile above your competitors
  • Promote thought leadership & expertise
  • Form new partnerships
  • Increase market share
  • Generate new business leads

What we can offer you :

• Speaking opportunities

• Stand alone workshop

• Exhibition space

• Hosting lunch

• Hosting networking reception

Over 200 IT professionals will gather in New Delhi from 22 – 23 August to attend one of the most sought after cloud forum in India. Will you be one of them? Learn more…


For all details regarding this event please contact

T: +91 20 6727 6403  F +91 20 6607 0061

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