Microsoft May Slash Windows License Price By 70 Per Cent

new-microsoft-logoIn a bid to attract more buyers, it is reported that Microsoft Corp is planning to cut down the price on its upcoming Windows 8.1 operating system, by nearly 70 per cent. The move will benefit specifically the low-cost computers and tablets makers.

This move comes as to counter to the products by Windows rivals like Google’s and Apple’s OS. It is expected that Microsoft will make the formal announcements about the same soon. A Bloomberg report said that for products, which cost less than $250, the manufacturers will only be paying $15 to license and pre-install Windows 8.1 update. The prices show a significant difference. As per the earlier prices, the manufacturers were charged $50 for the $250 package. This discount would be applicable to all Microsoft products in the limit of the said price.

The major reason stated for this change is believed to the reducing market share of Microsoft and increasing share of Apple and Google. The rumoured licensing price aims to increase Windows share in PC market by providing incentives to the makers. If compared to Windows 7, the sales of Windows 8 systems has been comparatively low, since its launch about 15 months ago. More than 240 million Windows 7 devices were sold in a year, and only 200 million Windows 8 licenses are sold till now. The data is courtesy the marketing division of Microsoft. The software giant is looking to speed up its growth and introduce new devices, under the leadership of its new CEO Satya Nadella.

Source: EFY Times

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