Unistal launches new security solution “Protegent endpoint security software”

Unistal has launched a brand new software Protegent endpoint security software which will provide security at the networking ends and protection from cyber security attacks and increasing malicious threats in this technological era. It will be a remarkable and memorable achievement in the field of IT.

This software will filter emails,web filtering, provide security from malicious acts and viruses,protection of business networks when devices are being remotely accessed.The installation of this endpoint security solution will be followed by network servers and other endpoint devices. 

Mr. Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. said this security solution uses encryption feature to secure the devices accessing the network. It will aid the enterprises in protecting their data from security threats.Hackers are coming up with new tools and mechanisms to gain illegal access to data,sensitive information thereby manipulating and stealing information.These security issues can be resolved with this endpoint security solution.



Here are the key features of Protegent endpoint security:

  • Security from threats spread via email: –It will scan every attachment of email hence securing the business from any sort of security attacks. 
  • Security from web downloads: –Protegent endpoint security software will check both incoming and outgoing traffic for web security and block the malicious web applications before it manages to reach the endpoints. 
  • Offers device control with easy application: –Enterprises can control the devices that can access hardware or upload and download data with the use of Protegent endpoint security software solution. 
  • Advanced machine learning: –The software also scans and analyzes files with malicious intent. 
  • Protection from exploitation:-The Protegent endpoint security software is built with the feature of securing against zero-day susceptibilities and attacks which are memory-based.
  • Monitoring of behaviors: –It uses machine learning  algorithms to understand the behaviors,monitor and determine the potential threats and take appropriate action. 
  • Protection of data loss: –Protegent endpoint security software prevents illegal and unauthorized access to data in an organization.

Unistal has decided to sell Protegent endpoint security through its nationwide partner network. Interested partners can send their request for tie-up/ demo to marketing@unistal.com.  

About Unistal:

Unistal Sytem Pvt. Ltd. is founded  by Mr. Alok Gupta & Pankaj Mathur in 1994 with the aim to  protect the IT industry from security threats. It focuses on data security, data recovery, data care products, and solutions.This company has been providing security solution for over 26 years now.They are expanding their field of activities into other projects like oil,gas and utilities including software solutions involving digital marketing and development services.