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23,000 Madhya Pradesh Panchayats Empowered by Uniline

logo_uniline23,000 Village Panchayats in MP now stands empowered with adequate infrastructure of PC enabled Internet, Video Conferencing Technology, Camera and Printers.

As one of the key E-Governance initiatives this shall help connects these villages through internet & create communication link to district government centre for sharing data & critical information such as agriculture stock movement, availability and latest information on Government subsidies, taxes and incentives to farmers and others.uniline uniline2

Acer the main infra provider to the state has chosen Uniline India’s home grown Power Solution company on the basis of its previous credentials where they have commissioned various state government led Rajya Shiksha Yojna & Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan educational infra projects to empower more than 300,000 schools across Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharashtra. Uniline has also empowered  CCTNS (police modernisation) project of 5 states.

Providing disciplined power in MP was a challenge. Uniline’s higher understanding of power situation in Indian Terrain provided the much needed quality power, free of any surge and spikes for the project with maintenance for 3 yrs.

“ We being an Indian company have an advantage in Quality, Service and Price against other MNCs  “ says RK Bansal, founder Uniline Energy Systems.

Uniline had previously empowered 9,000 villages in Tamil Nadu through the ALCOT project 7,000 villages in Rajasthan through REIL which was the single largest order in solar power in India and 300 school of Rajashtan through the state ICT programme of Rajasthan govt .

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