March 8, 2021

16 people have been injured in a bomb blast near BJP office

BANGALORE: ​At least 16 people have been injured in a bomb blast near BJP office here in Malleshwaram on Wednesday morning. The injured include 8 cops, according to TV reports.











Investigators probing the blast now suspect that a bomb was fitted on a motorcycle parked near the BJP office.

Initially, the police had suspected that the explosion was due to the blast of a LPG cylinder placed in the boot of a car.

“It’s not a LPG cylinder blast as suspected,” Bangalore police commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar told reporters after visiting the site.

Raghavendra Aurandkar said that police suspect the blast was caused by explosives strapped to a bike, parked near BJP office.

However, this can be confirmed only after investigations, he added.

Sources in the police said the bomb may have been fitted on a bike, probably a Splendor, which has been completely destroyed in the explosion.

The police suspect the bomb may have been placed on the motocycle’s seat.

The police have launched a manhunt to trace the owner.

The extent of damage suggests that the bomb was strapped to the bike, sources added.

Cops are questioning mechanics to find if they fitted anything suspicious on to any bike in the recent past.

The police are also focusing on around half-a-dozen phone numbers on which calls were made to and from in the area between 10 and 11 am during which the blast took place.

Source-Hindustan Times