Propalms – Secure Remote Access and Application Delivery

Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC)

Propalms logoPropalms Network is a leading provider of application delivery and secure remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Propalms provides a unique solution suite that helps organizations of any size to increase efficiency of their business processes and productivity of their users & resources by making the corporate applications, data and network services available anytime, anywhere to any device. Propalms’s solution suite includes Propalms TSE for application virtualization over Microsoft Terminal Services, Propalms VDI for Virtual Desktop delivery using hypervisor from VMWare, Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC) and Propalms VPN, an enterprise grade SSL VPN product.


Simple Secure Virtual Computing!


To provide highly cost effective software solutions alternative to market leaders like Citrix, Cisco ,Juniper, others and to provide new products for ubiquitous access from any device and location such that application delivery from centralized locations makes more sense to SMBs and SMEs, helping them achieving better productivity and resource utilization from local and remote work forces.

Management and Board

Vijender Yadav- Director and CTO, Propalms

Mohan Bhat- Director and Head Pre-Sales, Propalms

Vikas Chalke -Country Manager- Channel Sales, Propalms

Owen Dukes-Strategic Advisor, Propalms

Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC)
Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC)

Vijender has more than 10 years of experience in product development in network security and remote access domain. Vijender manages the engineering division at Propalms Network and is responsible to evaluate and develop useful solutions using emerging and proven technologies. Prior to Propalms, Vijender worked with NeoAccel where he held multiple positions starting as a developer and ended up as Product Manager for the SSL VPN and Network Access Control of Product. Before NeoAccel, Vijender worked with Patni Computer Systems in open system technologies. Vijender did his Bachelor degree in Computers from Army Institute of Technology, Pune, India in year 2003.

Product Portfolio

Propalms TSE – Application Presentation Virtualization: Propalms TSE is a complete Server Based Management solution that extends Microsoft Terminal Services 2000/2003 and 2008, offering features such as Application Publishing, Virtual Desktop Broker, Seamless Windows, Resource based Load Balancing, Simple Web based Management, Session Management, Server Health Monitoring, Reporting, Virtual IP, Single Port Relay, Universal Print Driver, Application Access via Desktop Shortcut, Windows Start Menu or Browser-based Application LaunchPad.

Propalms VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: Propalms VDI is a Management and Connection Brokering solution for Virtual Desktop deployment across the enterprise. Propalms VDI provides an end to end solution to virtual desktop and application delivery. Using Propalms VDI you can deliver virtual desktops to users, deliver applications to virtual desktops, automate tasks inside virtual desktops and have full monitoring and management control from a central management console. The current version of VDI has been developed in conjunction with Parallels Virtuozzo VDI, offering the most cost effective VDI solution on the market.

Propalms SSL VPN – Secure Remote Access: Propalms VPN is an easy to use, simple application access and security solution (SSL VPN) for enabling high-trust, secure remote access to corporate applications and resources. Enterprises use Propalms VPN to collaborate securely with employees, customers and partners. Using intelligent access control and endpoint security features, Propalms VPN provides the most secure platform for connecting to your corporate applications and data.

Propalms OneGate- Secure Application Gateway: Propalms OneGate is an application gateway that provides secure access to the applications using standards based SSL encryption. OneGate enables access to specified applications only, rather than bridging end-user’s machines with the corporate network, while still maintaining full application compatibility. OneGate even comes with a unique network obfuscation feature which hides the internal network details from intentional or unintentional exploitation by a user or hacker.

Propalms OneGate brings together the performance, management and functionality required for enterprise remote access and reduces costs traditionally associated with other VPN solutions due to the simplicity and ease of use of our solution united with our low license costs.

EZMCOM EzIdentity – Multi-factor authentication solution: EzIdentity is a suite of SaaS ready enterprise grade multi-factormulti-layer authentication system. EzIdentity Authentication platform enables financial institutions, managed service providers, and other organizations to support a wide range of authentication methods, building customer confidence in online transactions, increasing security, and reducing costs. Whether interested in strong 2nd factor authentication or Transaction security or PKI Digital Signatures, the EzIdentity Authentication platform provides a highly scalable, centralized authentication server with the capability to manage a wide range of security tokens.