March 6, 2021

100 mn users for Instagram; Facebook considers it as a ‘formidable competitor’

The most popular photo sharing app, Instagram has touched a massive number of 100 million active users.


This news is considered as a commendable trophy for the network, taking the consideration of all the speculation about the rewording of the terms and conditions for uploading matter on the network, which was then followed by huge forums which posted the message “we will quit Instagram”.

Instagram shared this achievement by uploading a photo, containing a caption which described their excitement and gratitude.

Facebook, which also happens to be the owner of Instagram, still finds the network as a threat to its business. David Ebersman, chief financial officer at Facebook said that according to him, one of the services that was quite a formidable competitor was Instagram.

Instagram was purchased by Facebook last year in order to strengthen its position in the social networking business; however Facebook does not seem to be inferring in the growth of Instagram and is enabling it to pass services like Twitter and Google+.

The support system is still far away from the 1 billion monthly users that Facebook has in hand, though Instagram’s 100 million is not far away from the 200 million users that Twitter reported back in December 2012.

This rise certainly is fast and steady for a network that was launched in December 2010.