10 IP PBX Features That Will Make Your Business Do More

India has 48 million SMEs, the second largest in the world. It’s right after China which has around 50 million SMEs. Our SME sector provides employment to 40 percent of India’s workforce. And though official figures state that they contribute just 17 percent to the nation’s GDP, the unofficial number is higher. It’s at around 45 percent.

This is because a large number of micro and small enterprises remain unregistered.

However, when it comes to productivity, this sector is left wanting – unorganized and organized alike. Their working methods are often devoid of structure. While this works to get through everyday chaos, it restricts organizations from scaling up beyond a point.

One avenue of productivity that often gets ignored, but can help SMEs improve massively, is business communications. Most enterprises don’t deploy even age-old EPABX systems. Technology, on the other hand, has advanced to IP-PBX based telephony.

Such an IP-PBX system offers many features that can streamline communication and make it flow smoother within your organization. Here are ten of them:

  1. Computer Telephony Integration 

This feature offers a unified communication experience by combining your computer systems and phone lines. It boosts your sales team’s output by making contact numbers in your CRM clickable. This eliminates the need for manual dialing. It also lets you check logs of calls placed and received, track whether important customers are contacted on schedule, and so on.

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 

An IVR is commonly of two forms – inbound and outbound. An inbound IVR handles incoming calls. It gives callers options and does the needful based on their inputs. It either routes them to the correct department or provides solutions on the IVR itself. An outbound IVR automates outgoing calls. It’s a handy tool to have if you have a telemarketing agent (or team) reaching out to leads which that have inquired through IndiaMart or JustDial.

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  1. Reports and Analytics

It’s good to have an IP-PBX system. But if you don’t study the data it provides, you haven’t done justice to either the technology or your business. Such a system presents you with dashboards and reports to track the performance of each team member. You can, and should, use them to bring about improvement.

This is one of the key features of a good IP-PBX system.

  1. Automatic Call Distribution 

Not all customers are the same for your business. Some generate more profit and hence need to be handled with additional care and skill. The Automatic Call Distribution feature in an IP-PBX system doesn’t just route calls to the right department, but also based on customer priority. You can program the system to route calls of important customers to a queue of more skilled agents and provide better customer service.

Better service means happier customers, which means more business.

  1. Automatic Call Recording 

A key aspect of high-quality customer service is quality. To provide good quality service, your support team must share the right information in the right manner with your customers. To ensure that they do what’s expected, you must have someone to monitor these calls. One of the many IP PBX features is call recording that allows you to record calls and listen to them at any time.

You can use these recordings to improve quality and provide training.

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  1. Personalization 

Personalization has become another important factor in customer service today. Customers want to feel special. No matter how many customers you have, each customer wants to feel like he’s important for your business, regardless of how tiny or large his contribution. You can customize your IP telephony system to address your customers and make them feel valuable.

You can also add better hold music than the boring elevator music. (Tip: You can never go wrong with Arijit Singh.)

  1. Call Handoff 

This feature enables switching of calls from one device to another. For instance, call originating on your desk phone can be transferred to a mobile phone line and so on.

This happens seamlessly without the caller recognizing the switch or the difference.

  1. Remote Working 

A good IP-PBX system lets your people connect their IP phone via an internet connection and log in. This means that your team members don’t have to be present in office to answer calls or connect with customers. They can do it from remote locations. This saves your people time and increases their productivity.

All this contributes to your organization’s bottom line.

  1. Integration with CRM Tools 

Your customers value their time over everything else. They judge the quality of customer service based on how quickly their issues get resolved. That’s why speed and urgency are two metrics that your support team must prioritize.

Your team can deliver quicker service to callers if they have the necessary information available with themselves beforehand that’s why integrating your CRM tool with your IVR is handy. This CRM tool provides information about the caller to the agent in form of a pop-up. This could include caller details, call history and more.

  1. Ease of Use 

Enjay’s IPBX system is easy to use and doesn’t involve tedious and time-consuming installation processes. Your team can quickly configure it and be good to go. Our system also provides a lot of out-of-the-box functionalities that will benefit your business.More information on Synapse IP PBX System

     Summing Up

The above list shows how various features of a reliable IP-PBX system provide a unified communication experience for your business. They also smoothen communication and make the right people engage with your customers. Not just that, they also enable you to track performance and use data to make improvements.

It’s time you used technology to take the leap towards improved productivity and processes, and take your business to the next level.