September 21, 2020

10 Highest Paying Jobs In 2014

Thursday, November 28, 2013:  If you are on the lookout for making a career move then it will be worthwhile for you to go through a shortlist of tech positions by Robert Half that are likely to get huge salary hikes in 2014. The starting salaries for professional occupations are likely to increase by an average of 3.7 per cent next year.

This number will increase to 5.6 percent in the tech industry, which may witness the largest gains amongst all fields. As stated on, please see the ten positions listed below-

1. Pre-sales/technical engineer – This is at the top of the list. These positions can expect an 8.4 per cent increase in starting salaries according to Robert Half. Duties for this job position will include: participating in customer presentations as the technical expert, ascertaining technical requirements for meeting client’s goals and being the liaison between the firm’s sales/business development and engineering groups, coordinating the change between pre-sales specifications and implementation engineering upon the awarding of contracts.

2. Mobile applications developer – The demand for mobile apps developer with remain strong and companies would pay a premium. Duties include coding, testing, debugging, documenting and monitoring mobile applications, interacting with different departments within the organization regarding new deployments.

3. Software developer –Software developers are required to perform duties which include coding, testing and debugging programs as per computer engineering specifications, changing, expanding and updating applications, communicating with a team that includes analysts, engineers and quality assurance testers for coordinating and documenting application development and testing.

4. Software engineer – The duties for this position include designing and creating engineering specifications for software programs and applications, working with quality assurance for developing software test plans, collaborating with hardware engineers for assessing and testing hardware and software interactions.

5. Business intelligence analyst – This position requires designing and developing enterprise-wide data analysis and reporting solutions, reviewing and analyzing data from various internal and external sources, communicating analysis results and making recommendations to senior management and developing data cleansing rules.

6. Data architect – This position carries analytical and creative skills with detailed knowledge of data systems and database methodology, designing and modeling as per Robert Half. Duties will include understanding and evaluating business needs and converting them into specific database solutions, making data design models, database architecture and data repository design.

7. Developer/programmer analyst – Duties for this position will include analyzing business application needs for functional areas like finance, manufacturing, marketing or human resources, writing code, testing and debugging software applications, suggesting system changes and enhancements as well as documenting software specifications and training users.

8. Wireless network engineer – This position is expected to attain the largest percentage raise (7 per cent). Duties include researching, designing and implementing wireless networks, as well as engineering specifications and resource needs for network hardware and software, creating recommendations for wireless network optimization, additions and upgrades for meeting business needs.

9. Network engineer – They are expected to get a raise in the 6.9 per cent range. Duties will include engineering enterprise data, voice and video networks, establishing and operating network test facilities, maintaining a secure data transfer to various locations through Internal and external networks.

10. ERP technical developers – This requires a quick identification of technical problems in ERP applications, assessing their potential impacts, and helping designing solutions as per Robert Half. Duties include conducting analysis, designing, coding, data migration and testing for ERP production and development environments.