VXL Cloud, Th­­in And Zero Clients Now Available With Unrestricted Access To MS Office 365 Business Essentials

VXL Instruments , a global leader in thin clients and server-based computing technology, today announced VXLthat following the latest changes in Microsoft’s licensing guidelines, unrestricted access to Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials is now available for VXL Cloud, Thin and Zero clients users. With no installation necessary, users can simply access Microsoft Office 365 in the cloud by accessing Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers which are embedded in all VXL’s Cloud, Thin and Zero Clients.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr Frank Noon, VP Sales at VXL Instruments said, “Not only does this represent a significant benefit to end users, it also provides our distribution network with an excellent added-value customer opportunity”.

“SMB customers in particular will now also benefit from having access to Microsoft’s leading business applications via the browser,” Mr Noon added.

Customers will be able to easily access a comprehensive suite of applications including online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office 365 Business Essentials all made available through VXL Cloud, Thin and Zero desktop devices with embedded Linux and Windows Embedded operating systems. For Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), Office 365 Business Plan is available as an alternative. While using the online versions, this package includes the possibility of installing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote within the VDI.

VXL Instruments has been globally acclaimed for their energy-efficient designs and environment-friendly products. The company has been recognized by EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), a definitive global rating system for greener electronics. “We have always been committed to our ongoing sustainable environmental strategy. As an India-based company, VXL has found EPEAT registration to be an important qualification for global market access, given the numbers of potential customers who require compliance with this global standard,” says Mr A.K. Bhuwania, Chairman, VXL Instruments.

VXL’s latest desktop devices are also available with Fusion UDM (Universal Device Manager) Professional, a universal management console for all thin clients, PCs, tablets and POS Ready devices running Microsoft Windows, Windows Embedded and VXL Linux operating systems.