Safety at your finger tips with ‘imShakti’ from Notion Ink

imShaktiNotion Ink, a technologically adept, innovation driven company, announced the launch of their safety enhancing mobile application imShakti which assists users in emergency situations. The application once installed can be utilised in emergency situations. On pressing the Power button 5 times in quick succession within 2 seconds, imShakti will send users’ location as default message to their listed emergency contact at that time and convey that the user is in need.

logo (16)“Emergency situations won’t give prior notice or hint against a specific gender. It could be women, men, children, senior citizens or patients. In view of the mobile penetration, we contemplated that it would be more relevant to target all mobile users. imShakti upholds the underlined endeavour to make the users believe that “I Am Shakti” and to not be afraid of any situation. This instant service can boost your confidence with the certainty that timely help is on the way. When we are in a panic situation, we don’t have time to unlock the phone, look for the application and select that one feature to help you immediately. We are confident that this application will make a significant impact in emergency situations,” said Rohan Shravan, Founder & CEO at Notion Ink.

imShakti During an emergency, we don’t get lot of time to think and sometimes it’s difficult to think straight. It is however important that your loved ones be notified, and that the authorities are able to pinpoint your exact location.

I’m Shakti (IMS) is an initiative by Notion Ink to build tools to enhance safety for Women, Kids and generally everybody. IMS provides you with the fastest and simplest way to contact your nearest and dearest during emergencies.

If you’re in trouble and need to notify your emergency contacts, press your power button 5 times (within 2 seconds)!

All you have to do is set a/some emergency contact/s and your phone will send them an Emergency Text Message (SMS) with a preset message. If your phone can find your approximate location, it will be included as part of the Emergency SMS.

If your location cannot be found, the Emergency SMS will be sent without your location and the phone will continuously search for your location. When it does find your location, another SMS will be sent with your location details.

Note – To activate sending Emergency SMS, press the power button quickly 5 times within 2 seconds. Alternatively, you can open up the application and click on the button that says “Send Emergency SMS”

Other Features

On opening the application, users can customize their Emergency SMS. This feature assists in case users are not in a hurry or have no access to the internet, as they can quickly type in the location. The SMS is built by simple check boxes enabling the user to add customized texts (like “Don’t call back, not safe; Pick me up, will wait here; I’m very low on battery”).

There is an option to turn off all your connectivity services, dim your screen and kill all running applications in case you’re critically low on battery and need to conserve your charge.

There is also another option that enables you to put your phone in a state of complete silence.

All Android mobile users can use this app when they are in tough situations and think their loved ones must be informed about the situation and location immediately.


Notion Ink takes the privacy of its users very seriously, and given the intended use of the application, it is important that information like the location of a person be accessible only to whom the users wish to send it to. There is NO back up taken on the location or phone numbers, or number of times the application was used to send SMSes. The application is self sustaining and does not require or utilize a server on the backend to run.

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