Microsoft To Launch New Smartphone, Surface Duo 2 This Year

One of the biggest updates coming out from the world of tech is the release of Microsoft’s newest foray into the smartphone segment – the Surface Duo 2. They had already released the previous version of the dual-screen, high-end smartphone last year with the Surface Duo, which also came with a customized Android experience.

It’s been just below a year and reports suggest that Microsoft is looking forward to releasing an updated model – the Surface Duo 2.


Microsoft Surface Duo
Source: Microsoft


What can users expect?

According to reports, the Duo 2 has been developed and planned for the whole of 2020’s second half and will be released anytime by the fall of 2021. Microsoft however, might change plans, but it does look like this is the situation as of now.

The Surface Duo 2 brings in an updated faster processor, 5G support, and better cameras, with software being the core area of focus. The Surface Duo received good reviews, with the display, design, and hinge being praised. However, critics were unanimous in their review of the software, which was deemed not up to the mark. The Duo 2 will place a “special emphasis” on fixing these software issues and improving the camera app in the process too. 

What else to expect?

Microsoft will also add more engineers to their team and this can be confirmed owing to the multiple job listings present on their website. They are looking for individuals who can deliver a great mobile user experience that can also bring the best of Microsoft to the overall Android ecosystem. 

Microsoft is also directly involved in contributing to Android development with their  “Obscured Regions” API which adds certain information about the display regions that are obscured by other tasks or even system UI. They said in a press statement that, “The API will allow a developer to reprogram the experience into visible regions. This means, for example, a Launcher could animate the bottom drawer to the unobscured area and launch another application. 

Apart from the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft is working on other products too, including the launch of the new Surface Laptop 4 in April and the Surface Pro 8 towards the end of the year.