January 19, 2021

Kaspersky Lab Announces New Kaspersky Small Office Security

kaspersky30-12-13Kaspersky Lab has announced a new version of Kaspersky Small Office Security, the company’s security solution built specifically for businesses with fewer than 25 employees. This solution includes new features that help small businesses stay ahead of modern security challenges, and includes Kaspersky Lab’s latest anti-malware technologies in an easy-to-use product that doesn’t require business owners to be IT experts.

According to IDC estimates, there are more than 75 million businesses worldwide that operate with fewer than 10 employees.  These “very small businesses” will process millions, if not billions, of dollars in 2014.  Yet this segment has been traditionally under-served by IT security vendors that don’t offer products with these businesses in mind.  As a result, business owners have been forced to use consumer-level products that don’t adequately meet their business needs, or stripped-down versions of enterprise-level products that are cumbersome to manage and force businesses to pay for security features they will never use. 

A Global IT Security Risks survey conducted recently by B2B International for Kaspersky Lab, revealed that small and medium-sized businesses are typically more vulnerable to viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious programs. Figures showed that 63% of small companies and 60% of medium-sized organizations have faced malware within their networks over the last 12 months. Several Indian companies also participated in the survey. The same research shows that smaller organizations implement fewer or less well-developed IT security measures than large-scale enterprises. 19% of small companies and 15% of medium-sized companies agreed that they are reactive, focusing on IT security only after a breach has occurred. Less than a quarter of SMBs rate themselves as “really proactive”.

Kaspersky Small Office Security is designed to cater solely to the needs of these small businesses, combining powerful protection from cybercrime with the features small businesses need to compete in the global economy.  Most importantly, Kaspersky Small Office Security is simple to install and manage, and offers incredible value in both purchase costs and administration time.  This simplicity allows business owners to equip themselves with world-class protection without taking their focus away from running their companies.

Maxim Mitrokhin, Director of Operations, Kaspersky Lab – Asia Pacific further added, “India is home to around 50 million SMBs currently, of which 10 million are technology-ready. However, as more and more SMBs increasingly adopt technology, the exposure to cyber threats correspondingly increases. Most SMBs in India do not invest in a full-fledged IT resource. This is due to reasons more than one, including lack of awareness, budget constraints, lack of available resources, etc. Kaspersky Small Office Security (KSOS v3) will fill this gap owning to the fact that it is easy to install and manage, and provides enterprise-grade security to SMB customers, even providing security to mobile phones that access business content. We believe SMBs in India will take advantage of this newly launched product.”


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