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Iris Global supplies Seagate Hard Disk worth
Rs 3 Crore for Odissa School Education Program
thru Bhubaneswar Partner

In a recent bid, India’s Premier IT Distributor “Iris Global Services” has supplied their Bhubaneswar  Partner “ Ashirwad Computers & Services” Hard Disks from Seagate worth Rs 3 Crore for their Federal client OSEPA namely Orissa SchoolEducation Program Authority.Iris has supplied 4,410 nos of Seagate Hard Disks to facilitate over 10,000 schoolsfor smart class project. The students are now enabled with digital education usingthese products connected to their computers.Ashirwad Computers has been an Iris Global partner since 2008.They have been supplying for the State and Federal projects in the Education & Agriculture sectors.They are also supplying for various PSUs, Private Sector Enterprises and are also present in Retail and Corporate space delivering solutions and services. Ashirwad Computers has their head office at Bhubaneswar along with 7 outlets,beside which they have other outlets throughout the state.Having commenced as a Value added System Integrator in 2001 Ashirwad Computershas clocked a Rs 130 Cr in revenue in last fiscal closing in March 2023.

Speaking to newsman, Mr Rudra Kanta Mohapatra, Director, Ashirwad Computers said

“Iris Global is a very good distributor, they are very supportive, their people have sound understanding of all technical requirements of the partners. Their branch manager at Bhubaneswar Mr. Sivanarayan Jena is very supportive. I would rate Iris Global as one of the Best Distributor of the Industry”

Mr Rudra continued – “After Covid we have done various projects with Iris. We have recently supplied Rs 4 Crore of HP Computer Products viz – Laptops, Desktops and Workstations for the Agriculture Depts. of India, in the last 6 month.”

“We had also sourced 5,000 Dell Computers for the state education dept from Iris in year 2022 and 2023” Mr Rudra added.

Iris Global has delivered computer products over Rs 13 Crore last year. This year Orissa business is high with many orders coming in and the projects will have to be completed in 3 – 4 months including their implementation. For Ashirwad Computers it’s a high time in business across India as well as in the state, as they we are trying to book more orders for their organization.

“Iris also had aligned us with a finance facility to support us. We are grateful to Iris for this facility. With Govt it becomes difficult to get the payments in time. Iris helped us and structured our orders within 2 days”

“We have completed Rs 5 Cr of business as of now, we expect doing another Rs 15 Cr of business with Iris this fiscal” Mr Rudra concluded. Iris has been a “Distributor of Choice” they are preferred for their well managed logistics and deliveries on time. They load orders upfront while keeping their partners updated at each and every step of the process.

Iris is flexible and even makes deliveries from their warehouse beyond business hours.

“Ashirwad has large orders coming. We promptly service them and make quick deliveries. They have been prompt with their payment that helps in maintaining a good business relationship” said Mr Chanan Thakur, Business Manager, Iris Global.

Mr. Sivanarayan BM, Iris Global Services, Bhubaneswar said – “ Ashirwad have been serving Government customers in the state.  Iris have been supporting them with Products and Technology for their various projects. We are looking forward for their orders and aligning our services”

Iris Global had supplied Dell Computers to a large PSU Bank under their Tech Refresh Scheme for its IT Infrastructures.

“Ashirwad is our valued partner. They have remarkable ability in the Governments sector. They have delivered for many prestigious state Educational projects that syncs in line with Iris’s Digital India Initiative. We are happy to offer our Products & Services for their future projects” said Mr Sanjiv Krishen, Founder-CMD Iris Global Services. 

Mr Sanjiv Krishen,

Mr Krishen further said that the channel community must realize the potential in Education & Work Force Management. Iris has added Telecom and Security products to its portfolio. Channel Partners should come forward with their initiatives and efforts. Iris is looking forward to help them with the right Technologies Service & support.

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