Intel CEO meets top Samsung officials to discuss semiconductor cooperation

On December 9, 2022, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger met with two senior Samsung executives, Kyung Kye-Hyun, President & CEO of Device Solutions (DS) Division, Samsung Electronics, and Kim Woo-Joon, President of the Network Business Department, Device Experience (DX) Division, Samsung Electronics, to discuss the two companies’ potential for semiconductor industry collaboration.

In order to meet with Samsung executives Kyung and Kim, Gelsinger reportedly paid visits to the company’s campuses in Hwaseong and Suwon after arriving from Taiwan in Korea. The CEO of Intel and Samsung’s top executives appear to have spoken about, among other things, how to “ride through a worldwide economic slowdown.”

In this calendar year, Gelsinger has been to Korea twice. He met with Lee Jae-Yong, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, during his first visit to talk about system semiconductors, foundries, next-generation memories, mobile devices, and personal computers. This time, however, Gelsinger was unable to meet with the chairman of Samsung Electronics since he had just arrived in Korea from the United Arab Emirates.

One of the largest semiconductor manufacturers is comprised of Samsung and Intel. Samsung also produces semiconductors for other companies, including Intel’s competitor Nvidia, while Intel primarily produces chips for its own use. The collaboration between Samsung and Intel is undoubtedly quite intriguing, despite the fact that it is unknown how they will work together.

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