Top Companies Joins Hand To Create Faster Web Browsers

Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple have apparently Microsoft_Googlejoined hands in order to build a new binary format code named WebAssembly (wasm.) With an aim to develop faster web browsers, the firms have reportedly created an informal W3C community group called WebAssembly CG.

The WebAssembly bytecode enables developers to make use of a wider set of languages which could be compiled for browsers, and both are set to work in future browsers simultaneously.

While Binary code is supposed to decode faster than textbased code, it can also be compressed more easily. If reports are to be believed, WebAssembly might be used for sections of the Web applications which generally need to be compressed. On the other hand, JavaScript and asm.js will still be used to write lighter elements.

Meanwhile, the binary format code is supposed to be 20 per cent faster to decode if compared with asm.js code.

With an aim to introduce a Web standard used by all browsers, WebAssembly allows faster decoding so that the Web applications are able work with performance similar to native applications.

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