Our biggest achievement is Savera Digital India Pvt Ltd- Mr. Gopal Pansari

“In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Gopal Pansari Director at Savera Digital India Pvt, reveals his strategies for business in India…„

Megha)- Tell us more about the Savera Digital India journey?

Mr. Gopal Pansari Director at Savera Digital India Pvt.

Mr. Gopal Pansari Director at Savera Digital India Pvt.

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- In an industry where change is ever present, Savera has achieved success by partnering with world class organisations and providing technology solutions. Savera Digital India Pvt Ltd formerly known as Savera Marketing Agency emerged as a small dealer in West Bengal and currently a well – known distribution house headquartered in Mumbai.

“We distribute various type of IT products both hardware and software. From a normal hardware dealer to a well-known distribution expert, Savera has experienced significant growth by achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and staying on top of the technology curve. Savera is now one of the fastest growing distribution houses in India. We have mixed product basket to benefit channel partners and we are ‘One stop IT Shop’ for all IT products enabling Savera’s partners to maximize their takeaways from the opportunities that Digital India opens in future.„

Megha)- What have been your achievements till date?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- Our biggest achievement is acquiring Savera Digital India Pvt Ltd., we acquired this organization in 2004 and started with Sony as a distribution product and currently we are associated with almost 70 brands across India. Savera started with a team strength of 10 across the East and now we are 150+, we have owned offices in Kolkata as well as Mumbai and branches across India. Our on-going focus is towards quality, efficiency and reliability of IT products, services and solutions which has been recognized by customers as well as our most valued partners. We provide our customers with great satisfaction by delivering products and solutions according to their developing needs which is another great achievement for us.

Megha)- What are the different challenges faced by the channel globally and non-globally?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- A dream doesn’t become a reality until hard work and dedication; it takes sweat, determination and hard work, similarly while we were trying to set up the organization we went through many

crucial phases like finance, infrastructure and team management challenges which were are streamlined now. India is a very important market with heavy potential for any player to grow, However our main objective is to control ROI including higher investment in terms of longer cycle of stock/debtor.

Megha)- Is there any plan to expand the membership?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- We will continue to expand the membership and strengthen our tie-ups with the partners. Main focus is going to be on channel as they help us in knowing customers better and also helps us to deliver best-in class solution in accordance with customers need.

Megha)- What kind of business expansion is expected by the channel in coming years?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- Savera is focusing largely on South India market and we are expanding our business in terms of new branches, new partner sign-ups and with more number of national and international brand associations. We are soon entering into Surveillance, Telecom and Power verticals, which are the booming verticals in the recent time. Currently we are associated with 5000+ partners across India; who are consistently associated with Savera and supported us. We are also expanding our channels in South regions by adding more partners to our cluster.

Megha)- What changes has the increasing digitalization brought in the market with respect to business expansion?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- Digitalization is definitely going to help partners to get more associations and abundant change in the upcoming years. Government will be benefited by promoting R&D benefits for the organizations to innovate and come up with newer technologies. It will lead to increased growth and generate employment which will surely help in expanding business and grow effectively in the market.


Megha)- What role E-commerce plays in expansion of business?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- “E-Commerce is a boon in this fast growing population. The rapid growth of e-Commerce is changing the way firms do business. The most amazing aspect of e-commerce is its ability to impact sales and marketing efforts immediately. It gives us a platform to show case as many products as we want and gives every consumer an equal opportunity to buy the product irrespective of his economic status and region. No doubt, e-Commerce acts as a growth catalyst in the expansion of business.„

Megha)- Key strategies for sales and customer acquisition?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- According to McKinsey, “70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels the way they are being treated.” We have always believed in giving the customer value for money with new technology. In our global economy, a business can no longer thrive in isolation, so to attract more customers we build quality relationships with partners and customers.

Megha)- What are the specific advantages and value-added services you provide to your customer?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- Added value appears as a complimentary additional advantage, an enhancement of product or service by giving the customer what they really want. For ultimate satisfaction of our customers we give high value products to them and we strongly believe in sale out support and scheme which again makes us one amongst the best distributers.

Megha)- What is the vision of the channel?

Mr. Gopal Pansari )- We have a very clear strategy to increase our brand visibility across different regions in order to grow our business. South India is one of the key growth markets for us; we are planning to enter Southern market by opening new branches.

We are expecting more assignments to cater more market share & increase Savera product basket. In the coming years we are going to develop new offerings to our existing customer base as it’s the most obvious source of growth for us. We believe, in few years Savera is going to be one of the preferred distribution houses in Indian market and will be leading in the channel business and other verticals too.


“Executive Profile of Mr. Gopal Pansari

Mr. Gopal Pansari is the Director of Savera Digital India Pvt. Savera has grown consistently over the years with revenue of Rs. 175 crs for FY 2012-13, and a big contribution is given by Mr. Gopal for about 17 yrs to this success. As a Director of Savera Digital India Pvt., his responsibilities include maintaining vendor relations, new product development and taking new initiative for the company’s evolution and growth. He monitors the operations and the overall functioning of the company. Mr. Gopal Pansari has a Bachelor degree in B.Com, Finance and also he is a Chartered Accountant. He has a dynamic personality and he loves taking new business challenges.„

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