Organizations big and small get added leverages through adopting SaaS model – Archana Sharma

“In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Archana Sharma – Senior Director at Xavient Information Systems, reveals her strategies for business in India…„

Archana Sharma - Senior Director at Xavient Information Systems

Archana Sharma – Senior Director at Xavient Information Systems

Megha):- Tell us more about Xavient Information Systems.

Archana Sharma):- Xavient Information Systems Inc. is a global IT Solutions and Services company transforming complex ideas to simple solutions. Headquartered in California, the company was founded in 2002 with offices throughout the United States and international network of delivery centers mainly in India and Sri Lanka. Xavient helps companies across ICT, Digital Media, Hi-tech, BFSI and Healthcare verticals with next gen technology innovations as well as bringing significantly higher efficiencies to large IT & Managed Services portfolios. We, at Xavient aim to consistently deliver excellence through simple yet powerful solutions and personalized services, while continuously investing in technology innovations, aligned with emergent market dynamics.

Megha):- What are the company’s achievements till date?

Archana Sharma):- Being a 14 year old organization, Xavient Information Systems has come a long way, in terms of growth, expansion, learning and continuously spreading knowledge around. Apart from being nominated and bagging IT awards around the world, we believe our real achievements come in the form of our long term relationships with the clients. We are a partner of choice for 4 out of Top 5 CSPs in US. We have enabled one of the largest Billing Transformation initiative in North America, powered one of the largest OTT platform for video-on-demand services, managed one of the most complex middleware migration to Open Source and completed various other projects of similar stature. Many of our existing customers have been with us since our initiation and that is surely an achievement we are proud of.

Of late, we won a gold, silver and bronze at the 11th Annual IT Awards, all the details can be found here –

We are currently also one of the finalists at the Fierce Innovation Awards to be held in the US on the 17th.  

Megha):- What growth has cloud services gone through?

Archana Sharma):- If one follows the growth path of cloud in the country, the adoption of cloud services has seen a rise irrespective of the industry type and the size of business. Given its huge potential for different industries, all verticals say manufacturing, railways, banking, retail, education and healthcare are switching to cloud services for optimized reach and performance as well as for elasticity and scalability. The cloud is transforming Indian IT industry and some of the highlights include:

With advance in number of IT companies and ISPs in India, cloud IaaS model is helping SMEs to access latest infrastructure, in turn maintaining the budget.

PaaS model assists software companies in an extensive scale. PaaS hosts developers with different development platforms, in turn preventing organizations from heavy capital expenditure.

Organizations big and small get added leverages through adopting SaaS model.  Indian companies by executing applications such as SAP Business, Office 365, etc. benefit greatly through cutting out hassles of maintaining an additional inventory.

Cloud service models are also being used in various other industry domains such as finance and banking, advertising, health care, etc., in an increasing pace.

Megha):- With change and growth in cloud services, what solutions are offered by the channel to the clients?

Archana Sharma):- Xavient consolidates and delivers its Cloud services expertise and best practices in the following ways:

  • TCO and Cloud Pricing Analysis

  • Architecture & Consultancy

  • Enabling & Engineering Services

  • Integration Services

  • Software to Cloud transition

  • Test & Configuration Services

  • Infrastructure Services

  • Support Services

Our Key Cloud Services

  • Cloud Consulting Services

  • Cloud Enabling and Engineering Services

  • Cloud Integration and Migration Services

  • Independent Cloud Testing Services

  • Cloud Analytics and BI Services

  • Cloud Performance Monitoring

  • Technical Operations Support

Megha):- What kind of mobility solutions does the channel provide?

Archana Sharma):- We offer a complete gamut of Enterprise Mobility services that help clients roll out comprehensive mobility strategies and implement innovative solutions across mobile platforms and devices.

Consulting: Our Mobile consulting framework helps clients transform their business processes. Our consultants’ expertise in mobility enables them to formulate the right mobility strategy and roadmap for achieving business vales through ROI Evaluation, Device selection, Migration and Infrastructure design.



Mobile Application Development: At Xavient, we develop reference architectures for native application, browser application and Service Oriented Architecture for all types of mobile device platforms as per the client’s requirements to ensure that the right design and architecture is in place.

“Application Implementation: Our experts at Xavient develop and implement application solutions by creating enterprise application stores through integrated mobile channel solutions. We secure the clients’ business processes by building the right security strategy around mobile devices. Our trained professionals give utmost importance to security when it comes to mobile, to help drive agility and improve productivity.„

Quality Assurance and Testing: We, at Xavient, have mature system test capabilities for mobile devices, including test planning, test design, evaluation, and quality assurance. The reliability on mobile and mobility makes it ever so important for organizations to ensure a problem free mobile application service for smooth running of their business. Our professional experts work towards offering high quality and un-matched results by integrating easily with your QA and Business needs. Xavient’s managed services enable complete testing and Quality assurance of mobile applications using testing tools for various device platforms. Our testing and QA experts believe in detecting and fixing defects at an early stage to help reduce quality costs. Xavient’s Quality Assurance and Testing services include:Automation Testing, Functional, Field, Performance, Conformance testing, IoT and Mobile Cloud Testing.

Megha):- What are the growing demands of IoT segment of the industry?

Archana Sharma):- The convergence of multi-disciplinary facets of the technology ecosystem with IoT (Internet of Things) has been increasing. Internet of things (IoT) is a booming market in India due to the Indian Government’s Digital India programme. In smart homes, the consumer IoT applications that are fueling growth are smart TVs, smart set-top boxes, smart bulbs, smart switches, etc. IoT as a concept is no longer a vision, but a reality. In fact, we have gone beyond IoT into the era of Web of Systems where devices will be able to communicate not only via Internet, but also directly through cloud. The Web of Systems will take the idea of collecting data from physical things and trigger actions in the real world. We are now living in a networked society dominated by connectivity and mobility. IoT is the future of convergence and convenience for both customers and businesses alike.

“Xavient’s IoT Lab: Areas of Research

  • Scalability in networking, storage and computation to handle exponential growth of data volume from sensors

  • Security of the ‘data-at-flight’ and ‘data-at-rest’ without compromising on scalability

  • Preservation of privacy of the user data and proper balance between privacy and utility

  • Interoperability among myriad sensor data sources (physical communication level, network level, data syntax level, and data semantics level)

  • Rich analytics and visualization (generic, sensor-specific, and domain-specific) provided in real-time, as required„

“Xavient’s IoT Service Benefits

  • Unified identity for ‘Things’; trustable sensors

  • Effortless interactions with machines & devices

  • Strategies for large scale sensor data streams

  • Diverse device management, testing & validation

  • Increased robustness, alternate communication modalities

  • Improved coverage, reduced cost

  • Interfaces for Interoperability

  • Variable Services Design„


Megha):- What transitions would it further go through according to you?

Archana Sharma):- We talk of a variety of devices here and varying complexities of each one, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, security thus, is surely a challenge. Manufacturers, working with IT services firms, need to ensure that each device is secure unto itself. Efforts are constantly being made to create secure IoT ecosystems. This includes an end-to-end security management and analytics platform which serves several purposes, including to authenticate communication, protect applications, secure devices, and manage and update devices remotely, even in resource-limited environments. Security to some extent will affect the short and long-term success of IoT efforts.

Megha):- What is the expected growth of the company in the near future?

Archana Sharma):- At Xavient, we remain committed to build and upgrade an ecosystem based on advanced technologies. We are overwhelmed to have been a part of the US chapter of the success story laid out by the implementation of IOT technologies, where the industries and society at large are gaining significantly. India at present is at a cusp of digital revolution and as a committed player, we are open to invest in and partner with organizations to help the government achieve its vision of digitizing India.


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