Kyocera is known to make the most reliable digital printers – Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi,General Manager Marketing, Kyocera Document Solutions India.

in an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi, General Manager Marketing, Kyocera Document Solutions India, reveals his strategies for business in India.

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi,General Manager Marketing, Kyocera Document Solutions India.
Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi,General Manager Marketing, Kyocera Document Solutions India.

Vikas Gupta :-  How is Kyocera India positioning itself in the Indian sub continent?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :- I Focused on meeting needs of every individual customer, Kyocera India has positioned itself as the most reliable brand in the Indian sub continent. Our greatest ambassadors are our current customers who swear by Kyocera’s reliability and find it impossible to try any other brand.  Brand Kyocera is synonymous with reliability, as each and every Kyocera product is built to last several times its rated life.

Vikas Gupta :-  What are the digital printing solutions available in the market by Kyocera?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :- Kyocera is known to make the most reliable digital printers. As the document management environment within the business world is currently undergoing vast change, Kyocera has been expanding its provision of “total document solutions” by continuously supporting its customers through the combination of reliable document imaging technology, customizable business applications and by assessing and implementing the optimum document management environment. Not limited to the conventional functions of printing and photocopying, the company’s printers and multifunction products (MFPs) are deployed in a wide range of vertical markets including healthcare, education, finance and manufacturing as document management devices  capable of linking to and working with cloud servers, mobile devices and dedicated network systems, etc.

For example, Kyocera Managed Document Services with an extensive lineup of printers, MFPs and software customization which address a customer’s business pain points. This revolutionary printing solution offers the following.

  1. Follow Me Printing: Pull your print commands to the nearest machine to you anywhere in the office when required.

  2. Print on demand: Make copies of your documents and print only when it is necessary or ordered from Data stored on the machine itself.

  3. Cloud Printing: Print from Google Drive feature enables users to print the stored files in Google Drive directly from the Cloud Connect 2.0 Operation Panel. There is no need to have users’ computers on, but users can just go to the MFP and easily print the stored files. The printable file formats are JPEG, PDF, and TIFF. Also possible to print files directly from your Gmail or Hotmail Accounts from the MFP without the need of a PC/Laptop.

  4. Mobile Printing: Our mobile application enables mobile users to print documents, web pages, and images from their smartphones and tablets as well as scan files and images from Kyocera MFPs to their mobile devices.

Vikas Gupta :- Is there a significant amount of demand for printing solutions from the home segment in India?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :- Yes, as the more and more SME/SOHO offices are being set up coupled with the reduction in printing costs has increased the adoption and usage of printers.


Vikas Gupta :- How much of a role are the channels playing in taking Kyocera India ahead of its competitors?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :- Our Channel partners are playing a major role in taking Kyocera India ahead of its competitors. Taking into consideration that our sales is divided between the Corporates in Major Cities and our Valued Channel Partners in smaller towns, the channel community is an integral part of our industry which is responsible for about 70% of our sales. The growth story is in the smaller towns and so we expect a huge potential from our Channel Partners who are engine of our company that keeps us moving forward.

Vikas Gupta :- How are system integrators helping you grow your business across enterprises and SMBs?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :- System Integrators are constantly taking major IT projects from both the Government as well as Corporates. They prefer using KYOCERA products as their output peripherals due to their high reliability factor which results in lower calls and done time giving them a good name.

Vikas Gupta :- What new Kyocera products can the Indian market hope to see this year?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :-  Kyocera is planning to launch series of A4 printers with special features that scores high on productivity and low on printing cost which will match the running costs of Copier based engines. This will drastically reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of these Laser Printers. These machines will be based on a “Separate Drum and Toner” technology, so customers will not have to buy expensive Cartridges every time they run out of Toner.

Vikas Gupta :- What is your overall market outlook? What would be your focus areas for the next one year?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :- The digital printing industry is seeing significant transformations with new technologies & applications providing cost-effective and customized solutions. Gradually the market is moving towards the Managed Document Services, as it enables a very optimized and cost-effective solution for them. The customers can save their money, time and efforts by using the MDS solutions. The overall market is growing at a rate of 12% per annum.

Vikas Gupta :- What products and solutions are being positioned for the enterprise sector?

Mr.Lalit Chaturvedi :-  KYOCERA plans to launch over 37 products in the coming year. These products will enhance our product portfolio and range from entry level Laser printers to high End Multi-function products.

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