Frontech is a very channel friendly company and we believe in growing with our channel partners – Mr. Alok Garodia, Managing Director of Jupiter International

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Alok Garodia, Managing Director of Jupiter International Limited, reveals his strategies forbusiness in India..


Mr. Alok Garodia, Managing Director of Jupiter International Limited

Mr. Alok Garodia, Managing Director of Jupiter International Limited

Vikas Gupta :- What is your present focus of operations in India?

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- In an industry where the demand has been regularly changing, Frontech  has always achieved success efficiently on  regular intervals by providing variety of products and technology solutions. Frontech continues to evolve by striving for excellence through its products and services. We have been dealing with retailers, distributors, and resellers and our efforts have always been focused on promotions and cementing the relationship with our business partners. Keeping this observation in mind our major focus is towards getting right quality products at the right time and ever since we have been into branding, our focus is to increase the awareness programs in B and C class cities.

Vikas Gupta:- What kind of geographical expansion are you looking forward to in new financial year?

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- Currently, we are very strong with the East and North-Eastern states, some of the key states being Kolkata, Orissa, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur and Jharkhand etc. Hence, for the new financial year our major plan of focus would be on untapped markets of these regions to gain access.

Also, we have plans during 2015 to reach out to those untapped Tier II and Tier III cities in the country and thus expand on our existing market especially in West and North regions. New product development along with the expansion into new geographic  markets shall bring our increased audience share. Our geographical expansion shall further strengthen our product portfolio with the best in class products at affordable prices.

Vikas Gupta:- What are the different channel and marketing initiatives that have been planned for 2015-16 to educate the target audience about the product line?

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- Frontech is a very channel friendly company and we believe in growing with our channel partners. The channel partners will play a key role in sustaining and expanding the brand’s presence in the country. We believe in strengthening and supporting our partners by introducing exciting creative marketing promotion for the channel partners and end users.With presence in more than 26 cities Frontech is associated with more than 45000 dedicated retailers, distributors and re-sellers with its availability across leading Retail stores and ecommerce portals.

In close partnership with our teams, events have been the best platform for Frontech partners to present the existing and upcoming ranges, and to enjoy unique offers and special programs, all designed to improve the overall profitability. By supporting such events and related support, we strengthen and widen our partnerships. Apart from the same we also participate in several expos and exhibitions building a wider exposure for the brand.

Through strong relations with our channel partners, we are able to provide useful first-hand information on the price fluctuations and help them prepare to seize market opportunities. We consider our channel partners as an important part of Frontech as they do contribute to our brand image.Different schemes, brand awareness programs, road shows, dealers/channel meets have been planned in B and C class cities.

Vikas Gupta:- Do you have plans to enter the e-commerce business for your products?

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- Currently we are there on several e-commerce portals,portals like Amazon, Flip kart, ask me Bazar, Snap deal, eBay etc. but we are not promoting our regular products too aggressively keeping in view our regular channel business interest in mind. Now as a fact e- Commerce player in India has started making their mark in the sphere so even we have a plans to work on some exclusive product/s launches with them and as a joint collaboration we may tie up for brand promotional and awareness activities .

Vikas Gupta:- With competition increasing in this segment, service in addition will play an important role to maintain the brand name of the company? Please comment.

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- With increasingly competitive business environment, Frontech believes in the motto as to better quality translates into better value for our Customers and to exist as a market leader, Frontech adopts and implements continuous improvement based quality policies. The several quality improvement policy works on ‘Plan-Do-Study-Act’ model which describes that constant upgrading the quality is a method of continuous examining the process and thus making it more effective.

Today,  Frontech is considered as one of the most innovative and fastest growing brands with all products ‘Made in India’ in majority of its product categories. The undying efforts of the entire Frontech team and a remarkable support of its customers, have led Frontech to an impressive portfolio which includes Power Products and Consumer electronics. Since after sales/service plays a major role in our business so we have also plans to increase our service locations from existing 56 to 75 by end of this financial year.

Vikas Gupta:- How much is Frontech targeting in terms of topline growth in the current fiscal?

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- In Q-1 and Q-II we have registered a growth on 42% from Q-I and Q-II of last year and we have a growth of 40% from last financial year.

Vikas Gupta:- What is the prime focus of Frontech today? What are some of the top priorities for the Company?

Mr. Alok  Garodia :- Our prime focus is IT + Consumable + Power products only. The regional focus will be more on B and C class cities, moreover we have also launched LED lights and Solar Panels in Frontech brand and its large focus will be in Eastern and Southern India. As you know green energy revolution in India so we have a plan to take this business to equal level of existing business in coming financial year.

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