DOEL finds enormous potential for mini mobiles in the Indian market- Mr. Sudip De

“In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Sudip De- Director at Doel International Pvt Ltd, reveals his strategies for business in India…„

                                                                                             Megha):- Tell us more about DOEL Mobile?

Mr. Sudip De- Director at Doel International Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sudip De- Director at Doel International Pvt Ltd

Mr. Sudip)- DOEL Card Feature Phone is a Smart Phone mate. DOEL Card Feature phone is a unique super-compact mobile which is of the size of a visiting card carrying a slot for micro SIM-card and just weighing 50gm. It comes with an attractive acrylic packaging in three different colors –black, white and golden. This sleek device also supports 4G and the Bluetooth-synchronization with any smart phone function is key to its success.

Megha):- What are your strategies to place the product successfully as India is one of the biggest mobile markets of the world?

Mr. Sudip)- The Indian mobile market is unique from a global perspective and is projected to register a CAGR (according to CAGR report) of over 12% during 2015-20 and experience tremendous growth in terms of increasing the use of mobile and its applications. Considering that, we have launched Card Feature Phone which is a slim and light weight mobile; different from the other brands available in the market. DOEL looks at its Card Feature Phone as a secondary phone for family & friends.

Megha):- What is different about the product?

Mr. Sudip)- We have seen that a compact /slim mobile is easy to carry in pocket, wallet, etc. and generally costs less as compared to large screen smart phone which also supports superior portability. So, keeping this thought in mind, DOEL came up with a smart phone mate also known as Card Feature Phone. The exclusivity about this product is that you can use it as a normal feature phone or use it to supplement your smart phone. The Bluetooth pairing helps you to be mobile even when your smart phone is put to charge.

Megha):- What do you think is the scope in market for the mini mobiles?

Mr. Sudip)- DOEL finds enormous potential for mini mobiles in the Indian market. Mini mobiles are easy to carry and can fit in pockets, purse, etc. Mini mobiles are not that costly as compared to the other mobiles available in the market which makes it highly affordable by the people of every section in the society. It will also help India in becoming digital as a whole. In terms of Industrial usage, large organization can also give mini mobiles to their sales field force to make sales calls.

Megha):- Tell us more about yet to be launched Doel Personal AC and what exclusivities does it offer?

Mr. Sudip)- Personal AC is the 1st patented Cooling & Heating 2 in 1 wearable device that comes with an ergonomic design of adjustable neck size, thermoelectric technology & exclusively developed 3D reflux airflow system. It is a highly exclusive product which is easy to operate, lightweight for use in any environment and comes with superior portability, energy efficiency & money saving.


This product not only provides comfort in different temperatures but also provides some medical benefits such as quick cooling down in case of heat stroke, increases blood flow in the neck decreasing pain. It majorly helps cervical patients in sleeping better by decreasing their neck pain. We believe that this product would be a game changer for DOEL.

Megha):- Tell us more about your other products?

Mr. Sudip)- DOEL offers products that meet the latest and the changing industry demands such as Portable Power which provides high efficiency of power conversion and electricity saving function; we are planning to launch sixteen more new models of portable power by the end of December. Next range is VR box and VR Head Gears- exclusivity about this product is that it’s a VR without mobile, you can load your content in it through memory cards, pen drives, etc. and it also allows you to stream videos online.

Then we have a series of Wearables – Smart Bands and Watches which have some exemplary features such as heart rate monitor, pedometer, alarm, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, calorie calculator, sleep monitor ,etc. We believe that all these products will provide an amazing experience and impact on its users.

Megha):- What role does e-Commerce play in sales expansion?

Mr. Sudip)- In this country of 1.3Bn People, e-Commerce is a boon. Using e-Commerce, organization can expand their markets nationally and internationally with minimum capital investment. An organization can easily locate more customers, best suppliers and suitable business partners across the globe. It carries low operational costs and better quality of services.

“It gives us a platform to show case as many products as we want and gives every consumer an equal opportunity to buy the products irrespective of economic status and geography. DOEL has partnered with e-Commerce portals and distribution channel partners.We are amazed to see the growth in e-Commerce. It’s been our growth engine and catalyst.”

We also have a mix of national distributors and regional distributors for our product lines that help us in the growth of our business and increased sales expansion.

Megha):- What are the upcoming products?

Mr. Sudip)- The exclusive upcoming range of products includes Card Feature Phone, Personal AC, VR Gear which can be used with/without mobile, Bluetooth Speakers which we will introduce in coming January, Smart Watches, Smart Bands and a new series of Portable power.

Megha):- What are the value-added services you provide to your customers?

Mr. Sudip)- At DOEL, we believe in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. This extends beyond providing the best quality products and unmatched service in the market. As a value added service DOEL provides replacement warranty for 1 year for all products, the replacement will be with the new sealed packed unit.

Megha):- What are the Channel strategies?

Mr. Sudip)- DOEL follows a multi-level channel network for distribution. We have NDs and RDs who then invoice to the resellers / retailers. We have different models for traditional and e-Commerce networks and both these channels are our mediums to reach to the end user. Traditional Channel helps us to reach to the retail point. In the coming time we intend to work with at least 500 channel partners across India and grow our business effectively.

Megha):- What business expansion is expected by the channel?

Mr. Sudip)- We are a partner oriented company and we expect the channel to grow,making DOEL a brand of substance which is made available at an arm’s length; we respect our partners and believe that they get more margin and benefits.

Megha):- What is the vision of the channel?

Mr. Sudip)- In the coming years, we are planning to bring some extensions of our existing products such as Portable Power, Personal AC, etc. this could also mean a refresh of an existing range with new colours and improved features. We will also work on making the technology affordable by giving value for money but that doesn’t mean that we will not deliver quality. We are planning to launch many more consumer related products and explore newer segments and verticals. We believe that in the upcoming years DOEL becomes a brand of desire in the Indian market.

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