Deepa Gulati Software Consultant At Infogain India Interacts With IT Voice

Deepa Gulati is a Software Consultant at Infogain India

Deepa Gulati _Senior Analyst_Infogain

Deepa Gulati, Senior Analyst, Infogain

Pvt. Ltd. Deepa has more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry and has handled various roles and worked on multiple technology platforms. She holds a Master degree in Computer Applications from the University of Amity.

IT Voice :Please tell us more about your role. What are the challenge and opportunities that you are exposed to on a day to day basis?

Deepa Gulati: Working women plays multiple roles, she is wife, mother along with many other relationships she has to cater well professional life in office. Accepting this challenge and adjusting well with all this gives you pleasure as well as lots of opportunities

Currently I am working as a delivery manager and managing a couple of projects together.  We working mothers mostly depend on domestic help and sometimes if they don’t appear in the morning all our schedule gets messed up. Our schedule depends on their schedule.

As we are a nuclear family, I have to manage everything at home, while balancing my work responsibilities too, right from the morning alarm to night.

I mostly work according to the Eastern and Pacific time zone. Being a working mom, I learn how to work and deal with around the world of people, while taking care of my family too.

IT Voice :What is your key priority for your people?

Deepa Gulati: Priority is to balance well professional and personal life so that I could contribute in success of family as well as my organization.

There are different kinds of priorities at the personal and professional front

Personal Front: I need to be available and keep a check on my kids so that they don’t suffer because of my work. Also, I need to ensure that my husband’s work doesn’t get affected.

Professional Front: At times there are personal emergencies that keep me away from office, so I make sure that I connect with my team and prioritize the tasks for them and make them  available with everything which is expected from my end.

IT Voice: What would be your message to youngsters trying to get into the field of technology?

Deepa Gulati: Regularities are key to success; we need to keep ourselves up to date by being updated with the news and what is happening around the world. You cannot survive in this field if you rely on your basic university education. Technology changes from time to time, and so you must also be updated with the latest ones.

Work smart and balance your life.

IT Voice: Technology as a field is predominantly dominated by men. Are you seeing this trend changing? What steps should be taken to get and keep more women in the tech workforce?

Deepa Gulati: I would say that for a greater effect it needs more time. But yes, it has changed a lot when compared to the previous times. Earlier, hardly a few women could be seen in the upper layers, but this is not the case now. 

I would say that family support plays a major role for a woman to climb the ladder of success. And I am glad that my family has always been supportive.

IT Voice: Being a woman, was it more difficult for you to climb the ladder? What would be your message to all the women trying to climb the corporate ladder – especially in terms of striking a balance? 

Deepa Gulati: In the initial days it was difficult to strike a balance but I decided that if I have to work, I can’t always work at the same position, I have to grow. I took the opportunity and my husband also played a major role by helping me at the personal front. I am glad that family support made the climb so much easier for me

I would say it is not difficult. If there is a will, there will always be a way.

But if there are challenges, women have to make sacrifices to strike a balance so that neither work, nor family gets neglected, and that is the real patience test.

IT Voice : There is a lot of debate around whether or not women can have it all – your comments on the same

Deepa Gulati: I feel that the women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are super humans. And I am amazed that I know quite a lot of super humans. More than 50% of the people in my team are women who manage both home and work equally well.

I have observed that now, in joint families mother-in-law is getting more supportive and helps with the home activities and asks the daughter-in-law to be the best at the professional front.

Even husbands are changing. I won’t say that they take the whole responsibility, but they don’t mind lending a helping hand and dividing the responsibilities.

There’s a piece of advice for all working mothers out there-

There will be so many times when you think you’ve failed, at those times, just look at your child, in his eyes, heart and mind, you will always be a super mom.

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