Xander Audios launches ‘Stealth’ – A New Paradigm in Sound

In Addition, The Brand also showcased their complete line up of Multimedia Speakers, all with Bluetooth

 Xander Audios launches “Stealth”
In the huge clutter of sound solutions in the Bluetooth space, Xander Audios has brought in, a complete game changer.

A complete new paradigm in sound circuitry
img-20161124-wa0003Possibly one of the only models in the market that works on a SMPS solution instead of a standard transformer. The huge advantages of this are capability to handle a wide spectrum of voltage and its fluctuation which are very relevant to the Indian context and stable sound and bass at high volumes over a longer period of playback.

Mr. Ajay Mehta, Managing Director at Xander Audios explained how the ‘Stealth’ can be used:

Multi usage options
The obvious usage – Music
A 6.5” front throw woofer accompanied by a set of mid range and tweeter set, does justice to a full range of frequencies. Tweeters for High Frequencies, Mid Range for vocals, instruments and our favorite, Bass, with the Massive 6.5” woofer. From our favorite Rock classics to the more fine classical, the Stealth will impress the user!

Sound bar for your TV’s
The growing thinness of LED TV’s from all brands has resulted in a complete compromise on the quality of the sound. Attach the Stealth to any TV via standard Aux wires and transform your sound experience. Aesthetically, the Stealth, with its sleek design.

For the Gamer
With the quality of games getting more sophisticated, they need additional sound capabilities to enjoy the complete experience. The stealth can be attached via Bluetooth or Aux to any device to enhance the gaming experience.

Seamless connectivity
The Stealth comes equipped with seamless connectivity capabilities with all mobile devices via Bluetooth, USB, SD Card and Aux port and FM radio.

Individual sound settings via a full function remote
Several established brands don’t give the user the freedom to adjust the sound to his/her linking. You can hear only what the set will emit. How can a speaker decide how one would like to hear bass in a rock song or the stringing of a note on a sitar? This has been a huge complain from music lovers across the world. With the Stealth, Xander Audios has not only recognized this but has given full individual control for both Treble and Bass settings on our full function remote control. This is a new capability for this category and will be a huge attraction for the acute listener.

Looks: A complete new design concept. Aesthetically an asset to any room! Can be used horizontally or vertically, depending on consumer’s choice.

The Surprise – Price
The Stealth will be available at all leading stores across the country and at xanderaudios.com for an all inclusive price of Rs.8,999.00 This includes shipping and all prevailing taxes at the time of product release. Dimensions – ‘W550*H218*D305 MM – Just the right size!
Mr. Ajay Mehta, Managing Director at Xander Audios commented, “Xander Audios, will invest US$5 Million over the next 2 years in establishing the brand in India, including but not limited to opening 50 “Xander Zones”, which would have our full range of products on display. Here, the consumer can actually experience the sound from our equipment. Xander Audios presents a range of quality sound solutions for the discerning users. Consumers don’t need to break their bank to now get either a thumping bass or to hear audio file quality files”

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