Wipro To Unveils New Software Platforms

wipro logoWipro plans to launch new software platforms and products in the next 12 months, enhance the capabilities of its artificial intelligence engine Holmes, and offer customized digital solutions for each of its verticals, technology chief KR Sanjiv said in an interview.

The efforts are aimed at building new-age technology solutions for large customers such as Citigroup that are undergoing massive technology transformations. “We’re investing heavily in human-machine interface. These are using the new kinds of technologies to build applications that interact with human beings. Also, a natural-language interface that we’re building — that is very disruptive. It’ll be a bigger transformation from what people did with blue screens to Windows,” said Sanjiv, senior vice president and chief technology officer at India’s third-largest software exporter.

Wipro is investing heavily in areas such as artificial intelligence and internet of things as part of a massive organizational overhaul being undertaken by chief executive TK Kurien, with a focus on areas such as automation and digital. Earlier this year, Wipro also created a new business unit to focus on digital.”The third area is smart devices — for example, in the retail space, in-store experience using cameras which will have digital video-feeds. So, using video analysis, you can analyze what people are looking at, where are your employees versus where your customers are, etc,” Sanjiv said.

Wipro is investing a lot of resources towards beefing up its capabilities in robotics, which will be leveraged mainly for automation and new digital solutions, he said. “We’re also investing in industry factories, home automation, etc. Another area where we are investing in is robotics and drones,” the technology chief, a Wipro veteran of more than 25 years, said. Wipro is also expanding and setting up innovation labs globally with centres across key customer locations in the US and Europe, he said.

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