Why Polk Hampden is known as the best PC speakers

Authored by  Bharti Amlani

Polk Hampden speakers belong to the hybrid sort of music technology that have both the form and function to cross genres. It polkhas vintage design and appearance and enriched with digital, wireless and analog connection options to cover a host of application. And no doubt, for the cost of Rs. 32000/pair, they sound pretty good.

Design and features
Inspired by the design of an old dock, Hampden’s vibe is all about the rustic vintage aesthetic wooden appearance. It is simple, interesting and free of any show off. With the wooden cabinets and a well crafted teak veneer, they are simply gorgeous. In the terms of size, Polk Hampden is certainly on the larger side for a desktop speaker, measuring 6 inches wide by 9.6 inches height and 7 inches deep. Its design is known as an example of improved resolution and dynamic range. Frequency response is rated at 50 Hz to 22 kHz, and the total system power is 80 watts RMS. Now an interesting thing: this is a powered speaker with no internal crossover; rather, each driver is served individually, as the included amplifier has four channels (to feed a pair of speakers).

Along with an auxiliary input, Polk Hampden feature aptBluetooth streaming and also direct USB connectivity, that facilitate the users to bypass their computer’s DAC of its superior quality internal offerings. While you switch one audio source to another one, you can observe the changing color of the volume-level window on the front of the speakers to let you know about the active mode at the time (USB, Bluetooth, etc.). In the list of notable features of Polk Hampden, the next one is its compatibility with DJ Stream. This smart app allows maximum four mobile users to create playlists using the music on their respective devices.

If we make a clear and straight statement, Polk Hampden sound natural, warm and simply pleasing. They are designed and best suited for near field listening. These speakers worth special attention of those who want the powered speakers for uses beyond a computer audio station, such as a replacement to the soundbar. Also, bass junkies and/or those looking for a simple and affordable home theater solution should be aware that there is no option to add an external subwoofer.

• They have an attractive appearance and offer a great complement to any kind of home or office décor.
• The excellent sound quality for near field listening is the result of decades of sound engineering expertise of the manufacturers.
• In the terms of functionality and connectivity, these speakers are highly flexible.

• If the requirement is music for large rooms or offices, the internal amp is a little underpowered.
• Bass is limited, and there is no subwoofer output to add a sub.
• The size is also a bit larger and if there is the need for placing on a cramped desktop, you may get some difficulty.
• Polk Hampden simply feels an expensive option for a desktop speaker, but have trust, you get what you pay for.

Bottom line:
It is not about the design and appearance, certainly they are stunning. For a midsized rooms and offices, they give best performance. With Polk Hamden, you not only get great sound but also a cool conversation piece. So it is the full value of money you spent for this.

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