ViewSonic Presents Its Newest PD1611 Pen Display for a Paperless and E-Signature Workflow Solution in Business Scenarios

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution PD1611_ Product Photoproducts, recently presented its newest 16-inch PD1611 pen display product for a paperless and e-signature solution application in wide-range scenarios at ViewSonic Visual Experience center in Taipei office. With the integration of Electromagnetic Resonance Pen Technology (EMP), ViewSonic’s PD1611 enables users to display a vertical A4 size electronic document to make notes, draw, and sign any document with the battery-free V Pen directly on the device, reproducing accurate detail on screen. This technology has been proven to users as the most efficient daily paperwork management and cost-saving product for electronic document workflow demands in all segments, such as the telecom, hospitality, financial, enterprise, government, and education industries.

“People’s working and shopping behavior constantly changes with the digital technology. For example, the processes of opening a bank account or a mobile service can be facilitated by digitalization to saving time and space for business and corporations. In order to deliver a more effective and efficient way to boost businesses’ workflow in internal filing and external customer service management, paper-less and e-signature deployment has become a worldwide trend,” said Bonny Cheng, General Manager of the Display Business Unit at ViewSonic.

ViewSonic’s pen display products with the integration of EMP are adopted by industry-leading companies from different vertical markets, such as China Mobile Telecommunication Company, who have installed our products at each counter of the branches, allowing users to fill out and sign contracts securely and directly on screen. These paper-less and e-signature features beneficially save more time and resource cost for business and organizations. Predicting a successful trend in digitalization for business industries, there is no doubt that other industries, such as hotel and banking, will adopt the integration of paper-less and e-signature solution into their business workflow.

The newly launched 16’’ (15.6’’) PD1611 with the integration of EMP, featuring highly-sensitive touch recognition with 2048 level pen sensitivity, 5080 line per inch (LPI) density and up to 10mm pen hover capability. This device is able to display a full page, A4 size document vertically, and users are allowed to present and mark documents, fill in electronic forms, and sign contracts directly on the device, with every detail accurately reproduced on screen, as if it was on paper. This highly-sensitive touch recognition caters well to a variety of different needs.

It also compatible with Windows® and Mac® OS operating systems, and a variety of different digital signature software, such as Adobe Reader signature, banking, retail and other customized application, for a complete paper-free e-signature solution. With an efficient e-signature solution, an eco-friendly, a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and paperless workflow, there will be no more time wasted on printing, filing, and storing hard copies of signatures.

ViewSonic launches a complete size range of pen displays from 7-inch to 22-inch (PD0711, PD1611, PD2211) and industry-leading Windows® based pen tablet (PT1080) with the integration of EMP, they are also showcased in the ViewSonic’s Visual Experience center specializing the paper-less and e-signature solution available in various applications, from telecom, bank, hotel to leasing company, and so forth.

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