Samsung Galaxy S8 hit with more glitches: Users complain of random restarts

Now that the red-tint issue is being addressed by Samsung via a software update, customers from Canada and the US seem are seeing random restarts and freezes on the Galaxy S8 models, which according to them, could be attributed to a number of factors.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 official Samsung forums and XDA users have been reporting random freezes and restarts on the brand new Galaxy S8 units.

Users on the official Samsung forums indicate that SD cards need to formatted in order to avoid the restarts. Oddly, Samsung does not allow users to format an old SD card during the setup process which leads to restarts once the phone has been up. The solution so far is to pull the card out, format it on your desktop or another Android smartphone and then set up your Galaxy S8.

Moving to XDA, the restarts scenarios are a lot more complicated. According to some users, the screen randomly throws up artifacts at the bottom of the screen and then restarts during usage. The same happens in safe mode as well, so a user ruled out that a third party-app is not responsible for the same.

A user had reported that his smart phone was working fine until, one fine day, the screen stopped working and the device froze after which every effort to revive the smart phone failed.

Another user said that the restarts could be blamed at the biometrics, hinting that using any two biometric authentication methods will force devices to lock up.

And the list goes on. Indeed most of these smart phone seem to have come from carriers, which thanks to the added bloat could have led to problems. Out here in India, we have yet to face any random restart so far, and our experience with the Exynos variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been a great one.

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